POMEROY, Ohio – In an effort to resolve older pending criminal cases in Meigs County Court, Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley has released a list of individuals for whom arrest warrants have been issued for failure to appear on misdemeanor charges or initial appearances for felony charge.


Anyone whose name appears on this warrant list, wanting to timely resolve this matter and be brought before a judge for a bond hearing and have a pre-trial conference scheduled, may turn themselves into the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office. Otherwise, law enforcement will be looking for them. Anyone believing their name is erroneously listed, may contact the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

This is not an exclusive list of everyone who has a warrant in Meigs County Court, and those believing they have a warrant, but their name does not appear on this list, that does not mean they do not have a warrant. They are advised to should check with the court and not the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

If anyone has information about any of these individuals, they are encouraged to contact the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office or other law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the location in which these individuals can be found.

Those with warrants are Tina Blair, Amanda Brotherton, Harvey Brown, Shane Casteel, Clifton Chandler, Jeremy Cremeans, Joseph Cremeans, Craig Cundiff, Anthony Davis, Stoney Day, Jason Dewitt, Tanner Diehl, Jade Ellis, Ashley Eltringham, Michael Freeman, Robin Glass, Howard Gleason, Elizabeth Gloeckner, Anthony Goodwin, Jr., William Grimes, Lionel Hairston, Daniel Haney,
Michael Hanning, Bradford Hawk, Terrance Hollingsworth, Tyler Howard, Michael Hune, Ryan Jeffers, Matthew Johnson, Candace Jones, Ricky Jones, Jacqueline Justis, James Kuharic, Zachariah Ladeaux, Zebulun Lane, Jason Laudermilt, Alice Lewis, Tiffany Manley, Darius Manning, Heather Mattox, Tammy McClellan, Angela Mckenzie, Brian Mckinley, Dennis McPherson, Jason Melvan, Thomas Minton, Dustin Moore, Tina Moore, Tommy Moore, Janis Neece, Daniel Nichols, Robert O’Neal, Shera Patterson, Kristopher Perry, Amber Pitts, Sara Potter, Maedella Reuter, Rachel Robinson, Hank Rood, Kelsey Sellers, Cletis Smith, Tracey Smith, Angela Spangler, James Stark, Tarell Stephenson, Webster Swain, Carl Sword, Kari Trudo, Ann Wallace, Michelle Williams, David Wittig, Karen Wooter, Charles Workman, and Chris Wright.