(EDITOR’S NOTE: Around the Firehouse is a listing of basic information on fire department runs in Meigs County, Ohio. The information is a brief summary of the fire deparment response to calls as well as other information such as fundraisers or other firehouse news. Fire departments that would like to have their information listed should contact the Meigs Independent Press.)

January 16, 2018
Pomeroy Station 1 responded to a lifting assistance call with Meigs EMS on Wolf Pen road in Salisbury Township. Pomeroy Truck 6 responded to the scene due to road conditions. Upon arrival, EMS crews advised the patient refused care and Truck 6 was released. While on-scene, Assistant Chief Smith cleared the homeowners wheelchair ramp to help the resident enter and exit the home. Twelve members responded to the call for assistance.

Rutland Station 4 responded with Salem Center Station 6 to a motor vehicle crash on Salem School Lot Road in Salem Township. Station 4 was canceled en-route, Rescue 44 responded to the call. Total of 4 members responded.

Olive Township Station 9 at 12:45 was alerted to a motor vehicle crash on Smith-Baker Road. Truck 94 was the first unit to arrive on scene. Engine 92 was canceled enroute.
Olive Township Station 9 at 2:16 p.m. was alerted to assist Portsmouth Ambulance with lifting assistance. Units arrived on scene and assisted.

January 17, 2018
Pomeroy Station 1 at approximately 12:15 a.m. Station 1 was alerted to a 4 wheel drive assistance call with Meigs EMS on Lincoln Heights in Pomeroy Village. Pomeroy Truck 6 met Medic 7 at Station 1 and transported the medic on-board to the scene. Members of the fire department and Pomeroy Police Department assisted with removing the patient from the residence in Truck 6 to the awaiting squad, which was staging at the Pomeroy Fire Station. Crews were out for approximately 30 minuets to assist the medic crew and returned to quarters with no injuries or damage to personal or equipment.

January 18, 2018
Pomeroy Station 1 responded to 3 calls for assistance.
Call 1: At 7:24 a.m., Truck 6 responded to a 4 wheel drive assistance call with Meigs EMS on Lincoln Hill in the Village of Pomeroy. Crews responded and assisted EMS with access to the residence, which had a snow covered driveway.

Call 2: Shortly after returning from the lifting assistance call, crews were alerted to a possible electrical fire on Lincoln Heights in the Village of Pomeroy. Upon arrival, Pomeroy Ladder 2 advised there was no fire showing from the exterior of the residence and crews went inside to investigate. Lt. Zahran, Firefighter Oliphant and Assistant Chief Miller discovered an overheated electrical cord from a space heater burned in two, near the plug, causing the cord to arc. Crews checked the outlet and breaker box with no further damage. A report was taken and crews cleared the scene.

Call 3: At 1 p.m., Station 1 was alerted to a semi-truck blocking the roadway on State Route 7 near Hiland Road in Salisbury Township. While en-route, Meigs 911 advised that the semi and a ODOT maintain economic dump truck had struck each other, and all occupants were out of the vehicles with no injuries. Upon arrival, crews checked both vehicles for fluid leaks and placed traffic cones for safety until Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) arrived. Crews took a report and were released by OSHP after their arrival. Responding were Pomeroy Pumper 1, Rescue 4, Meigs EMS, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

January 19, 2018
Racine Station 2 Truck 24 assisted a Racine resident with a CO/explosive gas detector installation. Units were on scene for approximately 1 hour.

Rutland Station 4 responded to total of 3 calls.
Call 1: A 1 car motor vehicle crash on Noble Summit Road. Rescue 44 responded to the call. A total of 12 members responded.

Call 2: A 2 car motor vehicle crash on New Lima Road. Rescue 44 responded to the call. A total of 14 members responded.

Call 3: Rutland responded with Salem Center Fire Department on a chimney fire on Montgomery Road. While in route Station 6 advised that the fire was out and that the call could cancel. Engine 42, Rescue 44, and Squad 44 all responded to the call. A total of 12 members responded. All units returned to quarters safely.

January 20, 2018
Pomeroy Station 1 At approximately 4 a.m. station 1 responded to one vehicle accident on Mohler Road in Bedford Township. Crews responded to find a vehicle in a ditch with both occupants out of the vehicle with injuries. Pomeroy Pumper 1, Rescue 4, Truck 6 responded with Meigs EMS and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to the scene. Crews were on-scene approximately 30 minutes before returning to quarters with no injuries or damage to equipment.

Racine Station 2 hosted a CPR/AED First aid training, instructor Stan Johnson from Ripley Fire Department, Ripley, Wv. Conducted the training with 25 students in attendance from Chester Fire Department, Racine Ladies Auxiliary, and Racine Fire Department.

Other News

Racine Fire Department Chooses Officers
Boyd Bailey will remain Racine’s fire chief for 2018. Officers for the department are: Assistant Chief, John Holman; Captain, Dave Neigler; Co-Captain, Tim Sands; 1st Lieutenant, Charley Pyles; 2nd Lieutenant, Dax Holman; and 3rd Lieutenant, Jeff Morris.
Additional appointed positions are Junior Advisor, John Bentz and Engineer, Ian Wise.
Serving on the Firefighters Association Executive Committee are: President, Scott Hill; Vice President,Dave Neigler; Secretary/Treasurer, Doug Reese; Fire Chief, Boyd Bailey; Trustee, Charley Pyles; and Trustee, Ian Wise.

Fish Fry
The Middleport Fire Department will hold a fish fry 11 a.m. on Jan. 27, 2018 in at the fire station.

Chicken Noodle Dinner
Olive Township Fire Department on February 4, 2018 at 11 a.m. will have a chicken noodle dinner at the firehouse.

New Members
Middleport Station 10 welcomes three new members, Middleport FD, Unit 112 Clayton Taylor, Unit 128 Kyle Riffle and Unit 138 Brad Colburn.

Columbia Seeking Letters of Support for Grant
Columbia Township Volunteer Fire Department is seeking the public’s help. The department has submitted a grant from the Assistance Firefighters Grant program offered by FEMA.
The fire department is requesting a grant to replace the engine that is over 30 years old. This new engine would provide better safety options for firefighters and more reliability in response to calls. The program does accept letters of support of an application. Letters just need to include the department’s name and that it is for an engine. Letters must be post marked no later than 60 days after the close of the application period which is Feb. 2, 2018.
Those wishing to show support, can send the letter directly to them or give a letter to any of the members and they will send a packet of support letters as well.