January 21, 2018
Rutland Station 4: The department responded to two calls.
Call 1: Rutland was called lifting assistance on State Route 124 with Meigs EMS. Rescue 44 and Engine 42 responded to the call, while Engine 42 was enroute they were deferred to another call. Total of 11 members on scene for approximately 15 minutes.
Call 2: Engine 42 deferred from call one to Meigs Elementary School for a landing zone set up as requested by Meigs EMS for MedFlight 3. Rescue 44 also responded to the call with a total of 11 members on scene for approximately 30 minutes.

January 23
Columbia Township Fire Department Station 12: The department responded to a tree down on Salem School Lot Road in Columbia Township. Unit 1205 removed the tree without incident.
Pomeroy Station 1: Firefighters responded to a tree across the roadway on State Route 833 near Rose Hill Alley in Salisbury Township. Pomeroy Pumper 1 and Rescue 4 responded to remove the tree and debris from the roadway. Crews were on the scene for approximately 15 minutes and reopened the roadway shortly afterwards. No injuries or damage was reported by crews on scene.
Olive Township Fire Department Station 9: Firefighters responded to a one car MVC on State Route 124 near the Shelly Materials plant. Rescue 94 responded and once on scene advised that all patients were out of the vehicle. Crews assisted Ohio State Highway Patrol with traffic control.

January 26
Pomeroy Station 1: Firefighters responded to a landing zone assistance request with Mason Fire Department and Mason County EMS in Mason, WV at the Wahama High School. Pomeroy Pumper 1 and Rescue 4 responded. Crews established a landing zone and were on scene for approximately 20 minutes.
Meigs EMS Station 11 Public Notice: At 10:33 p.m. there was a fiber optic line cut in the Albany area, that caused widespread phone outages in Meigs County. The appropriate agencies are working to resolve the issue.

January 27
Meigs EMS Station 11 Public Notice: At 3 a.m. the issue with the phone lines was corrected at the EOC/911 center.

January 28
Scipio Fire Department Station 13 At 1:39 a.m. Sunday morning units responded to a possible structure fire. Upon arrival crews found a small single-wide trailer that was fully involved. Responding units from Scipio Fire Department were Rescue 1351 Engine 1352, assisting units from Rutland Station 4 were Engine 42 and Squad 44, and the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department. Contact was made with the State of Ohio Fire Marshall’s office, cause of the fire has yet to be determined.
Rutland Station 4 responded to 2 calls.
Call 1: At 1:39 a.m. a structure fire on State Route 684 Pomeroy with Station 13 Scipio Fire Department. Upon arrival units for that a trailer was fully involved. Units extinguished the fire and were on scene for approximately one hour before returning to quarters. Engine 42, Rescue 44, and Squad 44 responded to the call with a total of 9 members.
Call 2: At 10:23 a.m. for a tree down blocking the road on Smith Run Road in Rutland Township. Upon arrival units found that the tree was already removed from the road way and returned to quarters. Units were out for approximately 20 minutes. Engine 42, and Rescue 44 responded to the call with a total of 11 members.

January 31
Pomeroy Station 1:
Pomeroy responded to a two vehicle crash on East Main Street in Pomeroy village. The crash was the result of a high speed pursuit that was ended by a Meigs County Sheriff’s deputy to protect the public from potential injury.
Pomeroy Pumper 1 and Rescue 4 responded to the call to extricate the driver of the vehicle. Crews assisted with securing the vehicles and containing the fluids that leaked from both cars.
Also responding was Meigs EMS, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Meigs County Sheriff’s office, Pomeroy Police, Middleport Police, 33 Auto Towing, and Riverside Towing.
Both patients from the vehicle were flown via helicopter for treatment of injuries.
The Ohio State Highway Patrol is leading the investigation.

Racine Station 2: At 6:06 p.m. responded to a gas leak on Barringer Ridge Road in Lebanon Township. On arrival Engine 27 determined the gas tank was leaking and called the gas company, units turned the scene over to the gas company. The gas company determined the tank had quit leaking and was dispatching a truck to offload some of the gas in the morning. Units were on scene approximately 1 hour.

February 4
Pomeroy Station 1:
Firefighters responded to 3 accidents due to the road conditions.
Call 1: Station 1 was alerted to a one vehicle rollover with entrapment on Darwin Road in Bedford Township. Pomeroy Pumper 1 and Rescue 4 responded to the scene along with Meigs EMS, the Meigs County Sheriff’s office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Upon arrival of first responders, the driver was able to self-extricate. Minor injuries were reported and Station 1 remained on scene for approximately 1 hour.
Call 2: While en-route to the Darwin Road call, responding units found a vehicle off the roadway on Union Avenue in Salisbury Township. No injuries were reported but due to the vehicles position one unit stayed on-scene until the Meigs County Sheriff’s office arrived. Minor vehicle damage was reported and units were on-scene approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
Call 3: While en-route to quarters from the Darwin Road call, Pumper 1 and Rescue 4 responded to a one car accident on State Route 833 in Salisbury Township. No injuries were reported and minor vehicle damage was noted. Crews cleared the scene in approximately 20 minutes and returned to quarters.

February 5 
Pomeroy Station 1: Firefighters responded to a three vehicle accident on Nye Avenue in Pomeroy Village. Pumper 1 responded and found all occupants out of the vehicles. Crews removed the vehicles from the roadway before returning to quarters. Responding to the call was Pumper 1 and Rescue 4, Meigs EMS and the Pomeroy Police Department.

Syracuse Station 3: At 8:15 alerted to a 1 car MVC on Pine Grove Rd near the Amberger Rd intersection. Upon our arrival firefighters found a SUV had lost control on the icy roads. It then struck a culvert on the right side of the road and continued through an electric fence and small embankment on the left side of the road. There were no injuries due to seatbelts and airbag deployment. Syracuse was assisted by Meigs Medic 2 and the Ohio State Patrol. Syracuse responded with Engine 31 and Truck 30 with six firefighters. They were on the scene for approximately 1 1/2 hours and return to quarters.

February 7
Pomeroy Station 1:
Firefighters responded to a report of a tree down across the roadway on Naylors Run in Salisbury Township. Pomeroy Truck 6 and Pumper 3 responded to the scene and cut the tree from the roadway. AEP was contacted as the tree falling caused a pole cross arm to break and lines to come down onto other lines. Also at the scene was the Salisbury Township maintenance truck. No injuries were reported and crews were on-scene approximately 20 minutes.
Racine Station 2: Firefighters responded to a service call, units went to a residence on Barringer Ridge Road Lebanon Township and replaced smoke and CO alarms, units were out for approximately one hour.

February 8
Rutland Station 4: Firefighters at 5:45 p.m. were alerted with Station 6 Salem Center on State Route 325 for a structure fire. Upon arrival units found that a camper on top of the hill was fully involved. Units worked to extinguish the fire. While extinguishing the fire, personnel found a body in the mobile home. Meigs County Sheriff’s was notified along with the Meigs County Corner and State Fore Marshall to start an investigation. Units were on scene for approximately six hours before returning to quarters. Engine 42 and Rescue 44 responded to the call with a total of 11 members. Station 6 brought there tanker and had a total of seven members.

February 9
Racine Station 2: Firefighters were alerted to a one car MVC rollover on Stiversville Road Lebanon Township Engine 23 responded searched the area for 30 minutes, no accident found. Units returned to quarters, Also responding on the call was Meigs EMS Medic 5, and Meigs Sheriffs Department.

Pomeroy Station 1: Firefighters were alerted for a lifting assistance call with Meigs EMS on Union Avenue in Pomeroy village. Pomeroy Rescue 4 responded to assist by carrying the patient from an upstairs bedroom down the stairs, and outside to the stretcher. Crews were on-site approximately 15 minutes to assist and returned to quarters with no damage or injuries to personnel or equipment.

February 10
Pomeroy Station 1: Firefighters responded to a gas odor on Rock Springs Road in Bedford Township. Pumpers 1 and 3 along with Rescue 4, responded to investigate the origin. Upon arrival, crew members investigated two oil wells where the odor was originated from and Meigs 911 contacted the well tender to respond to the scene. No injuries or damage was was reported and crews returned to quarters.

Pomeroy Station 1 Training
Over the last two months, 14 members of the department have been participating in a Firefighter 1 transition class at Station 1 through the Wellston Fire Department Training Academy. Since December, members have completed approximately 80 hours of classroom training, with 50 more hours over the next 4 weeks before taking the state practicals and final exam. The last month of the class will allow firefighters to apply their classroom learning to field applications in various evolutions. On Feb. 11, 2018 members completed practicals in fire hose loads and use, forward and reverse hose deployment, water shuttle, and hose care and cleaning.

Racine Fire Station 2 Smile Campaign
Following up on some 2017 news, the firemen decided to organize a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit using the name Racine Firefighters Association. This enables the department to use funds raised through BBQ’s and such for tax-exempt purchases, allows donations made to Racine FD to be deducted from income taxes to the maximum extent allowable by law, and provides oversight and accountability of their finances, as they are required to file a return with the IRS on an annual basis. Additionally, it opens the department up to even more grant opportunities available from private foundations. They have a GuideStar profile, which verifies tax exempt status, and provides some information on the association. Racine Firefighters Association is now listed on Amazon Smile! This allows you to do your Amazon shopping through this link, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the total amount (on eligible purchases) to the association. Money raised will be used to purchase and maintain the fire department’s equipment. Here is a link to the Smile FAQ, which explains eligibility criteria, and answers other questions you may have. If you still need information, contact board Trustee Ian Wise at turbo236@gmail.com for an answer to your question.

Columbia Township Station 12 Photo Share
The Brickles Insurance Agency is holding a photo share contest. The department with the most shares will be awarded $1,000. The fire department is asking their photo be shared via the Brickles Insurance Services Facebook page. More information is available there as well. It runs through the end of February.