As a precaution, businesses and residents along the Ohio River have been moving in preparation for flood waters to once again rise in the county. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.

UPDATE – The response has been scaled back and officials are watching river levels closely as predictions as of Feb. 24, 2018 have lowered the expected crest levels of the Ohio River this week.

MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio – The Meigs County Emergency Management Agency is in the process of establishing plans for the predicted flooding over the weekend and into next week.

Plans currently include a shelter being opened Feb. 24 2018 for residents who will be affected by the flooding. Plans are also being made for transportation for those who need assistance to the shelter. Designated phone numbers will be released Feb. 24 as well for people needing assistance with sheltering, transportation, donations, and volunteers.

The forecasted river crest levels have been reduced by the National Weather Service, but the threats of continued rains can affect the predictions. The current estimated crest at the Belleville Locks and Dams is 44 feet, Racine Locks and Dams is 48.2 feet and Pomeroy at 51.8 feet.

A media staging area is also being established at the Meigs High School for the flooding event.

The next release will be sent Feb. 24 with updated information on sheltering and phone numbers to contact.