Non-invasive procedure has surgery-like results to improve sinus symptoms

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Sinus pain and inflammation affects tens of millions of Americans every year. Traditionally, treatment options have been limited to medication, breathing strips, or invasive, painful surgeries with lengthy recovery periods. But experts are testing a new, non-invasive approach to sinus procedures that could help patients with chronic nasal symptoms.

In a new clinical trial, Dr. Brad Otto, an ENT-Otolaryngologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, is studying how this non-invasive approach can provide surgery-like results. “It opens up the nasal valve to really improve airflow,” says Otto. “People are impressed with the change it’s causing and the results they’re experiencing.”

By using a computer simulation of airflow through the nasal passage, Otto can measure how a small change in the physical structure of the nasal cavity can make a big difference in how a patient feels about their breathing. Instead of a painful removal of bone or tissue, nasal obstructions are gently reduced by targeting energy towards the affected tissue. Performed in doctor’s office under local anesthesia, the procedures take only 15 minutes and the results are permanent. “Our goal is to determine what makes patients happy with their nasal airflow,” says Otto. “This procedure can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life.”