By Angie Rosler RN

Aches, pains and bruises are the story of our lives as parents of young children! However, there are conditions that warrant further evaluation for a child when complaints or symptoms become frequent or are affecting sleep. The CMH program was created to help cover the cost of additional testing for eligible medical conditions!

A common cause of aches and pains beyond minor injuries are ‘growing pains’. Typical ages for ‘growing pains’ are common at ages 3-4 years and then again at ages 8-12 years old. Most often the pains occur in the muscle areas of the legs or behind the knee. The aches are easily calmed and are typically only present at night. These pains can be bothersome and disturb sleep but do not usually affect activity during the day or come with fatigue, joint pain, swelling or additional symptoms, such as a rash. For these symptoms please get your child a visit with their doctor for further evaluation. It is possible that children can develop arthritic, auto immune and other conditions that can cause a wide array of symptoms and treatment. Better to be safe than to be sorry!

Angie Rosler RN

Children with Medical Handicaps is a program developed to assist families in covering medical expenses for their children. Currently Meigs County has approximately 60 families benefiting from the program. If you feel your child has an eligible condition that may qualify for the program please contact the Meigs County CMH nurse Angie Rosler RN at the Meigs County Health department (740) 992-6626 Ext: 1075.