POMEROY, Ohio – As the 155th Meigs County Fair approaches the Meigs County Emergency Management Agency has a few fair safety tips for fairgoers before they head to the fairgrounds.

Child Safety:
▪ Carefully watch your children.
▪ If you become separated from your child contact law enforcement immediately.
▪ Take a picture of your child so if you become separated you can show law enforcement what they look like and what they are wearing.
▪ Place a piece of paper in children’s pockets with a parent’s name and phone number in case you become separated. This makes it easier for law enforcement to contact you if your child is located.
▪ Have a meeting area for children who are old enough to walk with a friend and meet there at scheduled times.
▪ If children are old enough to be on their own have a buddy to walk with while enjoying the fair.

Personal Health and Safety:
▪ Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
▪ Wear sunscreen during daytime hours
▪ Wear the appropriate clothing for weather conditions and always wear closed toe shoes.
▪ Wash your hands before eating and after touching the animals and using restroom facilities.
▪ Follow all posted signs at buildings and barns.

Ride Safety:
▪ Walk don’t run to and around the rides.
▪ Always remain in your seat and use safety devices properly.
▪ Follow the posted ride heights and requirements.
▪ Keep body parts inside the rides at all times.
▪ Always listen to the instructions of the ride operator.

The Meigs County Emergency Management Agency released in a statement that the agency, “Would like to wish all the competitor’s good luck and we hope everyone enjoys the 155th Meigs County Fair.”