Kisses for Cardigans Show to Feature a Wide Range of Local Music

TUPPERS PLAINS – A concert featuring local bands will be held in the Tuppers Plains elementary behind the Dairyette this Saturday, November 23.

This event has largely been organized by Meigs County resident Joshua Parker. Parker said the goal for the concert is to reintroduce some music genres that haven’t been heard in the area for a while; as well as revamp the local music scene as a whole. The music featured at the event will differ greatly from each other and offer something for everyone. Some of the types of music that will be at the concert are some acoustic acts, punk-pop, metal, metalcore, as well as some rap and Christian metalcore.

The set list for the show is as follows, Despite Ohio, Paul Bamboo Schuchts, A Burning Hope, At Heart, Deek, Await the Skyline, and Silence the Ocean. Some of these bands will have shirts and CDs for sale during the event. Parker had this to say about local music, “I’d like to see a lot of people here! These local acts need all the support they can get, and it comes from people coming out to shows to see them. No band can survive without a legitimate fan base.”

Doors open at the Tuppers Plains elementary at 5:30 with a five dollar admission fee. The first band goes on at 6:00 and the concert will wrap up at 11:00. All of the bands involved wanted to stress that no drugs, alcohol, or fighting will be permitted and the concert is open to all ages. Parker and the members of all the bands wanted to encourage as many people to come as possible and said if there is enough of a turn out they will be able to get bigger bands to come play and increase the musical diversity in the area.