stars-storyMEIGS COUNTY – The new “single-stream” recycling containers are starting to appear across the county and Meigs County residents are encouraged to make use of them, and as if anyone needs recycling information to start looking after our planet, but you might still find it interesting to read into these recycling facts.

As of Monday, the new containers were located in Chester, Rutland, Salem Center, Syracuse and Tuppers Plains.

Under a new contract between the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs-Vinton Joint Solid Waste Management District and Rumpke of Ohio, Inc., Rumpke will be responsible for the collection, transportation, and processing of recyclable materials generated within the four-county district.

Rumpke’s ‘single-stream’ drop-off containers will be located at the existing recycling locations in Chester, Pomeroy, Racine, Rutland, Salem Center, Syracuse and Tuppers Plains. A container will also be located near the Columbia Township Volunteer Fire Department in northwestern Meigs County and in Middleport.

A complete list of materials that can be recycled is posted on the solid waste district’s website, The new containers will also be labeled with a list of materials that can be donated at the sites. Recyclable items are all deposited together and should not be bagged, but just dumped directly into the bins.

Glass bottles and jars (all colors) can now be recycled.

For the past two years Meigs County’s recycling program has been administered by the Meigs SWCD, and before that it was administered by the Meigs County Office of Recycling and Litter Control.

The existing wooden recycling sheds are being taken out of service and will all be closed by the end of the month and hauled away.

For more information, contact the solid waste management district at 800-544-1853.