Brittany’s 24th Annual Prom Style Review at the Ariel

The Brittany’s 24th Annual Prom Style Review is just around the corner and will feature models from Meigs, and Gallia Counties, Jackson and Point Pleasant as well as over 100 styles of gowns.

Kay Hardway from Brittany’s has been holding this event at the Ariel Theater for 24 years now and gives all the proceeds back to the theater to help restore it. Along with Kay and the Ariel, Jay Proffitt with Basket Delights, Image Galley, Craig James, and the Patty Fellure Dancers help to make this a great event for the community.

The big question however is, what styles should be expected at the event. According to Kay Hardway red is very big this prom season along with nudes, royal blues, black, and mint green so expect to see those colors take center stage at the Ariel. The big names on the runway this year are Sherri Hill, Mori Lee, Tony Bowles, Alyce Designs, Mac Duggal, and Tiffany Designs. Sheath dresses are also really big this year, along with cutout dresses with high necklines. One new and interesting thing on the prom scene this year is dresses made of jersey material with lots of intricate beading. Chiffon is another material that will be featured in the style review a lot as well. Hardway said, “While there are a few prominent trends this year there is more variety of styles of dresses and colors than in the past, which I think is great because every girl will be able to find something that fits the style she needs and will love.”

Brittany’s, the Ariel and everyone else involved in the style review would like to invite the community to come and experience this year’s prom styles on January 19 at 2p.m.