River City Players Beatles Valentine Show a Hit

The whole cast joined in singing "Hey Jude" for the big finale.
The whole cast joined in singing “Hey Jude” for the big finale. Photo by Madalyn Wood.

MIDDLEPORT – The River City Players show, “With a Little Help from my Friends, and a Little Chocolate” went on without a hitch on Saturday February 15th at the Middleport Village Hall.

Under the direction of Roger and Mary Gilmore the show was a great success. Helping to make this a possibility were the actors which included; Roger Gilmore, Janis Carnahan, Nathan Jeffers, Jessica Holiday, Renee Stewart, Dixie Sayre, Tony Carnahan, Matt Shiflet, Amber Sturgeon, Sam McCall, Margaret Evans, Terri Sturgeon, Zach Shiflet, Tom Reed, Celia McCoy, Gary Walker, Linda Myers, and Teresa Shiflet.

Singers and musicians also played a large roll that night; Gary Walker, Jessica Holiday, Nathan Jeffers, Renee Stewart, Roger Gilmore, Dixie Sayre, Tony Carnahan, Celia McCoy, Margaret Evans, Janis Carnahan, John Lohse, and Sam McCall all helped to fill the stage with music and song.

Thanks also goes to crew members who helped in other ways than on stage; Mike Gilmore, Rusty Carnahan, Mary Gilmore, Kathy Reed, Karen Walker, Mary Gilmore, and Cathy Erwin all played key rolls in getting everything ready for the big night.

The River City Players would also like to give special thanks to the Middleport Village Hall administration and staff, The Fabric Shop, Middleport Church of Christ, Toney Dingess and the Meigs High School band.

The community turned out a good crowd in support of the River City Players and came close to filling all the seats in the house that night. The audience also filled the room with laughter and the sound of singing along with all their favorite Beatles songs during the show. The Beatles show and comedy was a great success by the River City Players that left the audience eagerly awaiting their next show.