Donations may be dropped off at the Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office in Pomeroy. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.

POMEROY -In 2013, the Meigs County Victim Assistance Program was there for 679 victims of crime in Meigs County.

In order to get a visual of just how many people that is, the program and the Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office are collecting shoes.

The donations of old shoes are being sought in remembrance of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week April 6 through April 12. The shoes will be used in a display along the Ohio River in Pomeroy.

On the pairs of shoes will be labels noting what victimization the person had to go through. Organizers with the Meigs County Victims Assistance Program along with Meigs County Prosecutor Colleen Williams and staff hope to raise awareness of the right of the victims and what they endured.

Shoes will be outside in the weather and should be older, used shoes. The shoes may be donated at the offices of the prosecutor and Victim Assistance Program at 117 West Second Street, Pomeroy.


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