SOUTHERN ALUMNI WINNERS – Ian Klein, left, and Austin Bare, right, were big winners at the Southern Alumni game Saturday. Klein won the Alumni “Big Fooze” Scholarship $10 student award and Austin Bare was crowned as the Alumni Prince. Pictured with the students are Scott Wolfe and Tricia McNickle, Southern PK-4 Principal.

RACINE-The sixth annual Southern Alumni Big Fooze Scholarship game is in the books with the men’s Purple Tornado team winning 58-49 and the Gold Tornado women’s team winning 64-49. Overall, $595.01 was raised for the Hilton Wolfe, Jr. “Big Fooze” Alumni Scholarship.

Organizers cited conflicts with the make-up date from when the game was snowed out February 15 and the 60 degree weather Saturday as reasons for the lower turnout in the stands.

Grades 1-5, under the direction of Darren Jackson, sang the National Anthem and “Stand up and Cheer” to kick off the night’s festivities. The group was accompanied by the Southern pep band under the direction of Chad Dodson.

Eight students went home with nearly $300 in cash as part of the Home National Bank Cash Scramble. Ella Cooper was the big winner collecting $65 in the scramble. Ian Klein won the $10 “Big Fooze” Prize contributed by Scott Wolfe, while Austin Bare was crowned as the Alumni Prince, winning a Southern Tornado backpack bag and goodies from Tricia McNickle.
Students singing in the event were Blake Williams, Ian Klein, Alexis Smith, Brayden Otto, Kassidy Chaney, Lila Cooper, Brandon Laudermilt, Katie Brooker, Landen Everson, Brennan Wyatt, Nathanial Nero, Madisen Dailey, Layla Robson, Aubrey Stobart, Maddie VanInwagen, Haylie Myers, Aiden McKeever, Mitchel Evans, Corey Lane, Jericha Nance, Molly Hill, Isabella Fisher, Erin McKibben, Lincoln Rose, Ella Cooper, Logan Greenlee, Kyla Nicol, Kyeger Roush, David Shaver, Ryan Laudermilt, and Tanner Lane.Students listed are those that signed in.

“We are happy to say we still raised money that can help a Southern student with college expenses,” said Scott Wolfe, one of the event organizers. “Thanks to those who turned out to support the cause, and thanks to everyone who either participated or helped in any way. Also, “Thank you” to Home National Bank for putting on the cash scramble and being part of this hometown event.”

“We achieved the objective of raising some money for the kids, and everyone had a great time.”

The Purple Tornadoes consisting of graduating classes of odd number years held a slight edge at the half, 23-22. About midway through the second half, the purple team opened up the spread and scurried to a 58-49 victory. The Purple Tornadoes were le by Patrick Johnson with 19, Arnie Dugan 14, Weston Roberts 11, seven each from Ryan Norris and Jamie Evans, and Kevin Ihle had five. The Golden Tornadoes (Even-year Graduates) were led by Roy Lee Bailey with 17, Butch Marnhout 11, Chad Hubbard 9, Dustin Salser eight, Kenny Turley four, and Daniel Otto two.

In the Ladies’ game Courtney Thomas had 43 points and Katie Sayre 21 to lead the gold to the 64-49 win. The purple team was led by Melanie Weese with 21 points, Tonja Salser Hunter 15, and Diana Simpson Bissell ten points.

An elementary basketball exhibition was put on by Dristan Lamm, Trey McNickle, Gage Barrett, Lincoln Rose, Ryan Laudermilt, and David Shaver.