stars-storyOHIO – Ohio’s already record-low recidivism rate has dropped again, according to Gary C. Mohr, Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. 

The new rate of 27.1 percent betters the previous rate of 28.7 percent, and continues to be well below the national average of 40-44 percent. 


“When measured against the national recidivism rates for the proportion of people who return to prison within three years, Ohio has emerged and remains a leader,” stated Director Mohr.  “Reducing recidivism is the mission of this agency and at the core of everything we do.  We are doing great things in our prisons and with our community partners to better prepare offenders for life after prison and help them become productive members of society upon release.  Reduced recidivism increases the safety of Ohio’s communities.”


While some of the reduction in Ohio’s recidivism rate can be attributed to a 2009 court decision that removed nearly 2,500 people from the supervision of the Adult Parole Authority, other factors include the continued use of evidence-based programs, the growth of reintegration units within the prisons, enhanced programs to connect offenders with families and resources while incarcerated, a sophisticated network of community corrections programs and continued work with local communities and reentry coalitions. 

Recidivism is calculated on a three year time period.  The current rate of 27.1 percent is based on offenders released in 2010.