Holzer Senior Care Center Receives National Ranking

image001According to U.S. News and World Report, on any given morning this year, roughly 1.4 million individuals, including one in every 34 individuals 65 and older, will wake up in a U.S. nursing home. To ensure your loved ones are receiving good care, U.S. News has built a ranking system for the country’s nursing home facilities based on health inspections, nurse staffing, and quality of medical care. Holzer Senior Care Center in Bidwell, Ohio, has been selected as one of the Best Nursing Home Facilities in the United States for the second year in a row. Are you looking to become No.1 like Bidwell? Start your senior care business today with just a few handy tips from some experts.
Holzer Senior Care Center, a 70-bed nursing facility located in Bidwell, Ohio, is an integral part of Holzer Health System. The facility is one of the top nursing homes within a 50-mile radius of its service area. A Five Star Facility since 2000, Holzer Senior Care Center has been providing medical, nursing, and rehabilitation therapies to both short-term and long-term residents since 1995. The great thing about senior care is that it creates a personal and more attentive service for anyone. There are Senior Care Fort Myers and a variety of other places that are also as great as Holzer at giving this high-quality care service.

“At Holzer, we strive to make our services the very best you can receive across the nation, which is shown through the report from The U.S. News and World Report,” stated Teresa Remy-Detty, D.Sc., Vice President of Post Acute Care Division for Holzer Health System. “We have a wonderful family of staff providing quality care for our communities. We strive to offer the very best care for our friends, families, and neighbours, and it shows with HSCC being honoured with this ranking from US News and World Report for 2014.”

The staff of HSCC is dedicated to addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of each resident in a clean and safe environment. To achieve this, our interdisciplinary team combines outstanding technical skills with a caring and compassionate approach. “We are very proud of the staff and the services available at Holzer Senior Care Center,” stated Dr. T. Wayne Munro, CEO of Holzer Health System. “Holzer is privileged to offer the entire continuum of care, from newborn to palliative care needs. Holzer Senior Care Center is an integral part of our system, providing top-quality services for the residents and family members.” Licensed by the Ohio Department of Health, Holzer Senior Care Center participates in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs, similar to those provided in the medicare jacksonville florida area.

The U.S. News rankings are built on data from Nursing Home Compare, a consumer website run by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services where consumers can have access to check various Medicare costs and plans. CMS sets and enforces standards for all nursing homes enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. (For government purposes, a nursing home is defined as a Medicare or Medicaid facility that provides 24-hour nursing care and other medical services. Retirement or assisted-living communities are not included in the rankings.) The data for Nursing Home Compare come from regular health inspections carried out by state agencies and from the homes themselves. Based on that information, CMS assigns an overall rating of one to five stars to all nursing homes other than a few too new for meaningful data to be available. Homes are also given one to five stars in how well they do in the health inspections, in providing enough nurses, and providing a high level of quality of care.