hnt 2Step back in Time with Us to where Mystery & History collide into a fun filled, terrifyingly enjoyable evening in the dark, wooded hills that still echo the footsteps of many great Native Americans who loved this land and fought valiantly to keep it and their way of Life! Native Spirit Ground located just off of State Route 7 outside of Pomeroy, Ohio is hosting a Haunted Native Trail in October 2014. The Old Warrior Trail runs through Native Spirit Ground and Chief Hokolesqua (Cornstalk) and his Warriors fought the invading Shemano (white man) in the Battle of Point Pleasant, just 18 miles from here. So the Native Spirit is present & very strong in these hills and on these trails. Are YOU brave enough to face them?

Who wants to help? There are many kinds of volunteer positions available from character actors (who need to be brave enough to play in the dark woods at night), decorations, costumes, props, lighting, etc. Come on over to Native Spirit Ground. Let’s play!!!! We also accept donations of Native looking clothing, props, money and items found in nature the Natives would have used to bring this adventure to our area. Contact Native Spirit Ground at 740-416-3990 to volunteer, donate or be a part of this in any way. Haunted Native Trails ~ coming HOWLoween ~ October 2014 to Native Spirit Ground.