image002Fruth Pharmacy is back with its Free Vitamins for Kids program. Lynne Fruth or members of her staff will
be traveling to different school districts and children’s facilities to provide a card for children to get a
free bottle of vitamins each month for one year.

Students participating in the program will receive a half-sheet letter for parents describing the benefits
of vitamins. Attached to the parent sheet is a wallet sized card. Parents or children present this card at
the Fruth Pharmacy counter when obtaining the vitamins through September 2016. The Fruth Associate
will scan the card and hole-punch the appropriate month. No additional purchase is necessary. The
vitamins are completely free of charge for each student presenting a card.

If you know a school that is interested in participating in the next Free Vitamins for Kids program, please
contact Fruth Category Manager Barbara Taylor at the corporate office: 304-675-1612, ext. 162 or email

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