stars-storyMEIGS COUNTY – The primary election is approaching and the Meigs Independent Press is offering the opportunity for those running for office to submit their “resume” for voters.

Those appearing on the ballot in Meigs County may submit an open letter to voters. The submission will not be edited, but will run as submitted. There is no length restriction on the submission. This submission is meant to be positive and about the candidate not any opponents. It is not an opportunity to “bash” another candidate. The question is, “What will the candidate bring to the office as they serve the people of Meigs County.”

Submissions should be emailed to: and should have a current photograph of the candidate.

The Meigs Independent Press does not participate in advertising for or endorsing candidates. The submissions from candidates are a service to the voters and the people of Meigs County. Each submission will be accompanied by an editor’s note explaining that as well.