(Editor’s Note: The following is a submission from a political candidate for the reader’s consideration for the upcoming primary election. The Meigs Independent Press does not endorse any candidate, but provides this as a service to voters. The Meigs Independent Press does not sell political advertising space and does not benefit financially from these submissions. In this case the candidate is James Stanley and he is running for the Repubican nomination for Prosecuting Attorney for Meigs County.)


James Stanley
James K. Stanley

I am running for County Prosecutor because I am committed to serving the citizens of Meigs County—the community I have called home for over thirty-three years—and believe my legal experience makes me an excellent candidate for the office. I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you as your county prosecutor.

I grew up near Harrisonville, Ohio and currently reside in Bedford Township with my daughter. I am a graduate of Meigs High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Ohio University and a Juris Doctor from The University of Akron, School of Law. While in law school, I attended the Comparative Summer Law Program in Europe through American University, Washington College of Law where I studied in London, Paris, Brussels, and Geneva.

I currently serve as an Athens City Prosecutor and have previously served as Special City Prosecutor and Special County Prosecutor for multiple jurisdictions. I serve on multiple community boards, I regularly volunteer with the Poverty Prevention Legal Clinic, and I have also coached youth soccer for several seasons with the Alexander Soccer Club. My special interests include running, reading, writing, and other outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and hunting.

When I enrolled in law school, I dreamed of one day practicing law in Meigs County as County Prosecutor. I have spent the past eight years developing invaluable courtroom experience and honing my legal skills. I believe now is the perfect time to put my education, experience, and skills to use for Meigs County.

If elected, I will dedicate myself to successfully fulfilling every duty of the County Prosecutor’s Office every single day. The responsibilities of the County Prosecutor are far greater than criminal prosecutions, and while I love prosecuting cases, I will devote equal time, energy, and enthusiasm to the other aspects of the office, including civil litigation and legally representing and advising other county agencies and officials.

While law enforcement is the first line in keeping our county safe, once a criminal defendant is in the court system, I will finish the job our deputies, troopers, and officers started by holding criminal defendants accountable for their actions. As every single case is important, I will ensure that the interests of justice are served in every case I prosecute, and I will pay particular attention to the concerns of crime victims. Though overwhelming and hopeless to some, I will strive to eradicate the drug epidemic engulfing our community and devastating the lives of our family members, friends, and neighbors.

I love Meigs County, and I love being a prosecutor. Again, I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you as your county prosecutor. Every day I step foot inside the courtroom, I will be indescribably proud to represent Meigs County in our historic cathedral of justice. I hope to earn your support and vote on March 15, 2016.