With added coverage and contributors, Gloeckner returns to Press and Herald

Carrie Gloeckner
Carrie Gloeckner

POMEROY – Local news coverage is expanding with the relaunch of the Meigs Independent Press and Gallia Hometown Herald.

Since 2013, the Meigs Independent Press has been a source of hometown news in Meigs County. Founded by Carrie Gloeckner, the online news site has been providing news free of cost to readers. Gloeckner acquired the Gallia Hometown Herald which was founded by Michelle Miller as well that serves Gallia County with providing local news. Following other pursuits, Gloeckner sold the business to Catherine Wolfe, but in the past several months has once again attained ownership of both sites.

Gloeckner is a veteran reporter with almost 20 years of journalism and writing experience. A graduate of the University of Rio Grande, she majored in English with a minor in Journalism. She brings a fresh vision and direction for hometown driven news to the well established news outlets. In the past couple of months a total overhaul of the websites has been completed with a cleaner, modern look that is more mobile user friendly than the previous design. The sites are also providing advertisers more value in the redesign. Gloeckner has started local sports coverage, expanded news coverage and adding a focus on special feature stories. These changes will be evident in the coming days and weeks as the Meigs Independent Press and Gallia Hometown Herald continue to grow to meet the needs of readers.

Gloeckner is not alone as veteran reporter, Lorna Hart will be a regular contributor to both the Meigs Independent Press and Gallia Hometown Herald. Hart brings a passion for local history and culture to both news sites. Hart, originally from the Letart Falls community, returned to the area bringing a deep connection and love for Meigs and Gallia counties.

“I know Lorna and I will compliment one another perfectly and we will be able to cover more news and local stories of interest. This relaunch and new step for the Meigs Independent Press and Gallia Hometown Herald is exciting. Months of planning are coming to fruition including local sports coverage which is something I wanted to do from the start. I love this area and am proud to be able to work and live here while also serving the community in providing local news coverage from a hometown perspective,” Gloeckner said.

Other contributors will continue to the Herald and Press include Kevin Kelly and Jim Freeman, who writes a column. Both are experienced writers and provide excellent insight into local news and events.

“We are dedicated to the local communities. We live here too. There isn’t a large corporation making decisions from someplace else far away that does not appreciate our hometown heritage and identity. It has been my goal from the beginning of the Meigs Independent Press to cover the stories that matter from the County Commissioners to Christmas parades, we cover everything in between. We will also ask the questions no one else will. We will,” Gloeckner said.

Locally owned and operated, the business has covered everything from car crashes to the arts to homicides. This fall, however, sports coverage has begun and is a family affair with the addition of Sports Editor, David Gloeckner, II who also attended the University of Rio Grande. He is the brother of owner, Carrie. He brings a great love for local sports, especially as a life-long resident of the area.

For more information on everything from news tips to advertising to sports and news coverage call (740) 416-3189 or email either meigsindypress@gmail.com or galliaherald@gmail.com respectively.