A log truck struck a mobile home and two vehicles early Tuesday morning. Logs were unloaded from the truck as it was being extracted from the scene. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.

CHESHIRE – A driver losing control of a log truck could have turned into tragedy, but miraculously did not early Tuesday morning.

A log truck driven by Rick Messer, 63, of Jackson, was headed east on State Route 7 about 5:30 a.m. when he lost control of the vehicle. The tractor trailer went off into the berm and continued into the a yard, striking the corner edge of a mobile home. The truck, still moving, plowed into a parked car and a truck before finally coming to a stop.

According to Trooper Mark McFann with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, no one was injured in the incident. Trooper McFann said the driver, Messer, would be cited for failure to control.

Troopers remained on the scene following the investigation for clean up and towing of the log truck as traffic was limited to one lane. The road remained open throughout the incident.

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Residents of the home hit by a log truck covered the damage from the weather after a log truck clipped the corner of the home. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.
The log truck hit two parked vehicles before stopping. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.