Investigation leads to deputy being fired, alleged ‘conduct unbecoming an officer’

POMEROY, Ohio – A deputy that was placed on administrative leave has been fired.

According to a statement released late Friday afternoon, Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood reports that on Friday, March 10, 2017, Deputy Leif Babb’s probationary employment with the sheriff’s office was terminated due to “conduct unbecoming an officer.”

Sheriff Wood states that the integrity of his office is of the utmost importance to him, his office, and the citizens of Meigs County.

The exact circumstances related to “conduct unbecoming an officer” have not been officially released or commented on by the Sheriff’s Office, however, the Meigs Independent Press has learned the alleged questionable activity relates to time the deputy was supposed to be working, and was not actually working. According to the statement from Sheriff Wood, the matter has been referred to the Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office wihtout any comment as to what kind of charges, if any may come from the investigation conducted by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James Stanley will review the report from Sheriff Larry Mincks’ Office.

Deputy Leif Babb was placed on paid administrative leave effective Monday, March 6, 2017.

Previously the Meigs Independent Press interviewed Sheriff Wood about Babb, but Sheriff Wood did not comment on the allegations. He neither confirmed nor denied them. Sheriff Wood said he wanted to see that Deputy Babb was treated fairly as well as the citizens of Meigs County his office serves.

From a previous report, Sheriff Wood stated concerning his priorities that”The integrity of my office is highest.”

He added he wants to make sure his deputies are doing what they should be, doing the job right for the people.

The Meigs Independent Press will update this story as more information becomes available.