Porter adding to dealership family with Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram location

POMEROY – A familiar name in business will be returning to the Village of Pomeroy with a new business was announced at the Meigs County Commissioners meeting March 23, 2017.

Mark Porter will be moving into his former location with a brand new business. The property at 308 East Main Street, Pomeroy, Ohio has been the home to many businesses through the years, including car dealerships. Car dealerships like Hyundai of Anderson are a popular choice when buying a car and will continue to be because of what they offer. When Mark Porter Chevrolet Buick GMC moved to a new location along US 33, the Meigs County Commissioners purchased the Pomeroy property. At the time the property was valued at more than $1 million, but the county purchased the property for $775,000. The Meigs County Commissioners had kicked around several ideas for the property, but Mark Porter was looking to expand the family of dealership businesses and Pomeroy seemed like the right place to be.

“We are happy to bring the Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram brand to Meigs County and continue the economic growth the community has been experiencing,” said Porter. “We know the location along the beautiful Ohio River will be great for our customers and we’re looking forward to opening in June.”

Mark Porter Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram location is expected to be open in June and initially will create 20 new jobs in the county. Additional positions are expected as well. The investment in the county is more than $30 million. The new dealership will offer “a full array of new and used car sales, service, and parts,” according to a statement released to the Meigs Independent Press. Those looking to get a Dodge RAM pickup at a good price may find that they will have enough money left over to equip their new vehicle with accessories like this Peragon truck bed cover, seen here – https://www.peragon.com/. This way you’ll be able to store all your equipment and gear safely and securely. Having this dealership will allow local citizens options to choose between leasing and buying a new car, but it is important that they understand the pros and cons of both sides before making any decisions. Resources such as https://www.swapalease.com/lease101/guide/chapters/lease-vs-buying exist to help educate the public on these matters. There are currently no plans for this dealership to include other brands of cars, which leaves those looking for these to search elsewhere. Cars from popular brands, like Dodge, Jeep and many others, are also available to purchase online from sites like Zemotor where you can find a bunch of listings for used cars with the possibility of finding your ideal vehicle at a reasonable price.

The lease agreement is currently for five years, but Meigs County Commissioner Randy Smith said the Commissioners are limited on how long the term of the lease could be for. Commissioner Smith said he expected the dealership to be around for a long time.

According to the lease agreement, a total of $331,200 will be paid out over the five year period. Also according to the lease, the auto dealership will “be responsible for all property taxes, repairs and maintenance within and on site of said building and premises.”

Meigs County Economic Development Director, Perry Varnadoe, discussed the impact on the county with this new dealership at the Meigs County Commissioner’s weekly meeting where the announcement was formally made concerning the new dealership.

Varnadoe said the County Commissioners have been supporters of job creation in the county and Mark Porter was seeking to expand. “Mark Porter has chosen to do it in Meigs County,” he said.

“This is creating new stuff,” Commissioner Tim Ihle said as Commissioner Smith commented as well on three new businesses opening within the past month in Middleport.

“It’s exciting times,” Commissioner Bartrum noted at the meeting. “It’s awesome that Mark chose Meigs County to make this large investment. Tim, Randy, and I, as county commissioners, were thrilled to be able to play a part in bringing new jobs to Meigs County,” Bartrum said.

Financing for the project is also local as it is being provided by Farmers Bank and gap financing by the Community Improvement Corporation’s local revolving loan fund for business.

“Creating jobs and helping our county is what community banking is all about,” said Paul Reed of Farmers Bank. “When we were approached by Mark about this opportunity we were happy to help.”

“We’re glad to help with this project and very happy about the new jobs it will create in Meigs County,” said Community Improvement Corporation vice-president Brandon Buckley.

Porter has other successful dealerships in Athens, and Jackson counties in addition to Meigs County.