Community shows hometown pride with welcome for returning soldiers

POMEROY, Ohio – SPC Colten Walters from Meigs County, Ohio is returned home Tuesday evening on leave along with fellow Army buddy SPC Spencer Altfilish of Woodland, Washington after serving in active duty in the Middle East. What started as a couple of moms wanting to give a bit of a hometown welcome to Walters and Altfish, turned into quite the homecoming.

Showing the hometown pride for the returning soldiers, a few people quickly turned into a full parade through Pomeroy. From fire trucks, law enforcement and just area residents turning out to say thank you for the two men serving the country, it was quite the welcome home.

Walters and Spencer both have been serving in Middle East and are stationed out of Texas.

“It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve got a great community. They have always been supportive,” Walters said of the outpouring of support.

“I am overwhelmed by the support,” Walters said of the welcome he received coming home and added, “I appreciate all the support.”

The first thing Walters wanted when he came home was to eat wings from Fox’s Pizza Den on the River in Pomeroy, Ohio. He said food is something he missed from home while serving in active duty.

Walters brought a fellow soldier home with him while they are on leave. He said Altfish is in the same company and they were deployed together. Both are stationed in El Paso, Texas. Altfish said he had no idea this welcome was going to happen. “It blew my mind,” Altfish said.

“You can tell everyone is a patriot. They all care about their country and appreciate what we do,” Altfish said of his Meigs County welcome. “It just makes me feel that much better knowing we are making other people proud.”

Walters and Altfish joined family and friends at Fox’s Pizza Den following the parade and interviews by area media. Walters finally got to enjoy the wings he had been looking forward to since deploying.