POMEROY, Ohio – Congressman Bill Johnson visited students at Meigs High School on April 21, 2017.

Congressman Johnson spent time talking with students in Geography and Current Wold Affairs classes. In addition to speaking with students, he spoke with teachers, staff and administrators. During his time at Meigs High School, Congressman Johnson answered questions from students and spoke about his life experiences.

Grant Adams, senior at Meigs, said he was glad to see the Congressman at the school and that he was taking the time to talk with youth. Adams asked questions of the Congressman and even had his hat signed by Johnson. “I hope he continues to visit schools,” Adams said.

Speaking about his life experiences connected with some of the students. Alliyah Pullins, also a senior, said she found what Johnson had to say “informative” and she enjoyed his visit. “I liked that he talked about his childhood and his academic experience. It felt relatable.”

The Congressman also met with sophomore Cole Durst. Durst has been recognized for the highest score in the state of Ohio in the American Legion’s Americanism and Government Test program. More than 55,000 students took the test across Ohio.

Additionally, Congressman Johnson spoke with Meigs High School principal, Travis Abbott, and Meigs High School assistant principal, Rick Blaettnar. Johnson also toured the building including classrooms for auto tech and welding.