Alzheimer’s Association’s free workshop provides tips for healthy aging

SOUTHEAST OHIO – The Alzheimer’s Association, West Virginia Chapter (which serves Meigs County) is hosting a Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body workshop in Athens on Friday, June 16, at 12 p.m. at The Athens Village, ACEnet Building B (Conference Room), located at 94 Columbus Road.

At any age, there are lifestyle habits we can adopt to help maintain or even potentially improve our health. For example, one of the simplest things you can do to improve health is to take a supplement like private label zinc capsules. Ensuring you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals can make a big difference to brain function, making it incredibly important for older people to watch what they eat.
These habits may also help to keep our brains healthy as we age and possibly delay the onset of cognitive decline.

This workshop covers four areas of lifestyle habits associated with healthy aging: cognitive activity, physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, and social engagement. For each area, the program will cover what we know, drawing on current research, as well as what can be done to improve or maintain overall health in each area.

Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body is a free workshop for individuals of any age who are looking for information on ways to age as well as possible.

For more information regarding Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body, more information about Alzheimer’s disease, or to connect to information and support through the free 24/7 Helpline, contact the Alzheimer’s Association at 800.272.3900. A complete listing of all community workshops can be found at