Editor’s note: The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those calls. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office was busy responding to various calls from June 11 to June 19, 2017.

On June 11, Deputies investigated a complaint.
Investigate Complaint: Deputy Snoke responded to the Boy Scout Camp in Chester in reference to subjects riding ATV’s on the property. A male rider has been identified and the incident remains under investigation, however, the name has not been released.

On June 12, several theft reports were investigated.
Theft: Sgt. Griffin is investigating the theft of a 9mm pistol from a residence on Pomeroy Pike.
Investigate Complaint: Deputy Hupp answered a neighbor complaint at the trailer park in Minersville. An intoxicated male reportedly was causing problems but upon Deputy Hupp’s arrival, he had left the area.
Theft: Deputy Myers is investigating the purchase of a vehicle through Craigslist with the victim having been issued an alleged bad check.

On June 13, a theft is being investigated.
Theft: Deputy Myers took a report from a female subject who stated she had been verbally threatened from a family member. Statements were taken and charges have been filed through County Court. The name of the person charges were filed on was not released to the Meigs Independent Press.

A juvenile complaint and alarm drops among other incidents were investigated on June 14.
Juvenile Complaint: Deputies answered a call at a residence near Pomeroy in reference to several unruly juveniles. Charges are pending through Meigs County Juvenile Court.
Miscellaneous: Deputies answered multiple calls for alarm drops. Deputies also served numerous papers for both County and Common Pleas courts. Transport of inmates to and from court for the week totaled over 1000 miles.
Theft: A Racine woman reported the theft of a firearm. Deputy Riley is investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call 740-992-3371.
Meth Lab: Deputy Snoke was dispatched to a possible meth lab on East Letart Road. Upon his arrival, he was taken to a garage where he located items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Meigs County Lab Technician Deputy Barnhart was called to the scene where he located a one pot lab along with a hydrochloric gas generator. Deputy Barnhart neutralized the lab and packaged it for disposal. Racine Fire Department also responded to the scene.
Sex Offender: Sgt Patterson registered one sex offender.

On June 15, Deputies investigated an assault and reported fight.
Assault: Deputy Snoke and Deputy Riley responded to Seneca Drive on a report of an assault. Upon arrival, they spoke with the alleged victim who reported being assaulted by his neighbor, Gary Freeman, 75, of Pomeroy. After speaking with witnesses, Freeman was arrested and charged with assault.
Fight: Deputies Riley and Snoke responded to a residence on SR143 on a possible fight. Deputies determinedthat it was a verbal argument between family members, over ownership of property. It was explained to both parties what they needed to do to determine who owned the property. Both parties were given a warning for disorderly conduct.
Court Papers: Deputy Riley served four court papers.

During the nights of June 16 and June 17 a traffic blitz was conducted.
Traffic Blitz: Meigs County Sheriff’s Deputies along with K-9 units from the Rio Grande Police Department and Gallia County officers conducted a traffic detail in the Rutland and Harrisonville area. Several vehicles were stopped with citations issued and one vehicle was towed due to a driving under suspension arrest.

On June 18, Deputies investigated reports of unruly juveniles and prowlers.
Unruly Juveniles: Dispatch received a call from a resident on South Broadway Street in Racine, advising his children were being unruly and would not listen to him. The dispatcher asked if he could bring the kids to the office to speak with an officer due to all officers being tied up on an investigation. The caller advised he had been drinking so officers were sent to his home as soon as they could. The situation was calmed down and their mother was contacted and came to the home to stay with the kids for the rest of the night. No further action was taken by officers on this call.
Prowlers: Dispatch received a call from a male resident on Salem School Lot Road advising people in dark clothing were messing around his home. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with a female in the home that advised the caller was in the woods looking for the subjects. The officers yelled for him to come and speak with them. After several minutes the caller came from the woods and stated that he has had trouble with seven guys for the past two nights, that they were ninjas dressed in black wearing night vision, so he was unable to catch them. Other residents of the home said they had seen someone outside but could not confirm individual’s information. After a lengthy conversation with the man and his family they were advised in the future not to go looking for prowlers in the woods and to call the Sheriff’s Office and wait for deputies to arrive. Deputies walked the edge of the property and patrolled the area with spotlights. No one was found but several deer were located. The man was left in the care of family members.