Syracuse Mayor’s Court releases active warrant list

SYRACUSE, Ohio – Names of those with active warrants from mayor’s court have been released.

According to the Syracuse Mayor’s Court, multiple individuals have had arrest warrants issued. Anyone with their name on the warrant list and wanting to resolve the matter should turn themselves in to the Syracuse Mayor’s Court by calling 740-992-7777 . Otherwise, the Syracuse Police Department will now be actively pursuing all individuals with arrest warrants.

Anyone believing their name is erroneously listed, should contact the Syracuse Mayor’s Court . If anyone has information about any of these individuals, they are also encouraged to contact the Syracuse Police Department at 740-992-7777.

The following individuals have active warrants in the Village of Syracuse: Nettie R. Brooks; Marcus R. Burns (two warrants); Brian E. Angell (two warrants); Braxton A Brinager; Michael L Bugaj; David Clark; Michael Davis; Timothy N. Deem; Aaron S. Dexter; Timothy W. Gardner; Terassa M. Shelly Gillenwater; Brandon L. Goble; Brandon L. Goodwin; Jack A. Hannan; Gabriel S. Hill; Christopher Harris (two warrants); Matthew C. Holley; Marty A. Holston, Jr.; Elizabeth Honeywell; Janet E. Greene; Patience M. Johnson (two warrants); Jason G. Kincaid; Shane C. Mast; John B. Myers, Jr.; Charles L. Nicholson; Daniel C. Nicholas; Joseph Phillips; Johnny Ratliff; Larry J. Ritchie; Joshua A Reitmire; David J. Wolfe (three warrants); and Steven Searls.