Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley

MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio – The Meigs County Prosecutor is reminding hunters to follow the law as various hunting seasons begin this fall.

In a statement on social media, Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James Stanley stated, “Today marks opening day for several hunting seasons including squirrel and some migratory birds, and an early waterfowl season begins tomorrow. Today also marks opening day for ginseng hunting and digging season. Other hunting seasons will commence throughout the fall, including seasons for white-tailed deer, fall turkey, and various species of small game and furbearers, waterfowl, and migratory birds.”

Additionally, Stanley noted, “The Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office wishes all hunters a safe a successful fall hunting season, but reminds everyone to know and follow all hunting regulations. Obtain all relevant licenses and permits, and always ask for the landowner’s permission before hunting on their property. Most importantly, always identify your target before firing your gun or bow so that the safety of everyone in or near our fields and woods is ensured. Also, remember to only take ethical shots so that your kill is humane and so that you can quickly recover your animal and enjoy your harvest.”

Prosecutor Stanley also reminds the public that if they witness or have other information regarding a wildlife violation, including but not limited to poaching, it may be reported by calling 1-800-POACHER. For hunting, fishing, and other wildlife information contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife at 1-800-WILDLIFE and