Deadline set for URG Chemistry Academic Excellence Scholarship

RIO GRANDE, Ohio – The University of Rio Grande School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is accepting applications for the Chemistry Academic Excellence Scholarship. The application deadline for the scholarship is Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Chemistry and Physics Program Coordinator Dr. John Means said the scholarship was created to help make receiving an education more accessible to potential students.

“This can help students with the cost of tuition. They will have the chance to increase the amount of their scholarship as they continue to demonstrate academic achievement while pursuing a chemistry degree from Rio,” Means said. “I’m really excited about this scholarship. These scholarships are renewable and help our students succeed.”

The application deadline for the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College Chemistry Academic Excellence Scholarship is Wednesday, November 1, 2017. The chemistry program provides students with a number of unique lab and research opportunities. Submitted photo.

Rio’s chemistry department includes two degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and the Associate of Science in Chemistry. The courses are designed to provide students with a well-rounded background in chemistry and give them the tools necessary for any career path in the field. Means said he believes it is important for Rio to offer degrees in chemistry, as well as the other sciences because it allows students from the area to get a quality education for a high-demand field in their own community.

“There is a need for employees in the STEM fields, and we want to provide potential students the opportunity to get an education and training without having to leave our area,” Means said. “Rio’s chemistry programs offer a close-to-home option for high quality STEM education. Our students have several opportunities to get involved in ongoing scientific research without having to go far from home.”

This financial award is geared toward students looking to major in chemistry. Means said interested prospective students must complete the online application form and submit a letter of recommendation from a high school chemistry teacher. Participants must also apply for admission and submit academic transcripts to Rio Grande.

“The scholarship allows students coming to Rio to get a financial award right off the bat,” Means said. “This is a great opportunity for prospective students who want to be chemistry majors, and has been very valuable to our past winners who have gone on to enroll in graduate schools and medical schools and serve our community.”

The online application can be found at For more information on the scholarship, contact John Means at 740-245-7165 or [email protected].