Offices Delayed or Closing Jan. 17, 2018

Roads across the county are snow and ice covered. This is a portion of State Route 124 had icy spots on the roadway Jan. 16, 2017. Photo by Madalyn Wood.

(Editor’s Note: This is not a total listing, but is the information the Meigs Independent Press has as of time of publication.)


ADDITIONAL CLOSINGS – Hopewell Health Center in Pomeroy is closed.

Front Paige Outfitters was closed, but has now opened for the day.

MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio – With roads still snow and ice covered, many offices and services are either closed or are delaying opening Wednesday morning.

Holzer’s Meigs facility located a 88 East Memorial Drive in Pomeroy, Ohio will delay opening until noon today instead of 10 a.m.

Meigs County offices will be closed. This includes the Meigs County Courthouse, Meigs County Job and Family Services, Meigs Housing Authority, annex offices, Tax Map, and the Prosecutor’s Office. Meigs Soil and Water Office will also be closed.

Meigs Senior Center and Meigs Wellness Center are closed today.

Meigs Family Healthcare is closed.

Gallia-Meigs Community Action is closed as well.

Home National Bank branch in Syracuse will remain closed. The Racine and Middleport offices are open.

The Meigs County Library locations will now be closed instead of opening at noon. This includes Eastern, Middleport, Racine, and Pomeroy Library.

Other offices or businesses may not be open or may be on a delay. It is advisable to call ahead to see if the office or business is open.