Job Posting: Meigs Co.Health Dept.- Public Health Liaison

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Meigs Co. Health Dept. (MCHD) is a local public health department and a political sub-division of the State of Ohio serving the rural Appalachian residents of Meigs County since (circa) 1920 by preventing, promoting and protecting public health through mandated programs: Environmental Health, Public Health Nursing and Vital Statistics as well as various auxiliary programs presently including WIC; Children With Medical Handicaps; Public Health Emergency Response; Maternal and Child Health; Creating Healthy Communities; Community Health Worker/Care Coordination. The MCHD is governed by a five member Board of Health (BOH). Members are appointed to five year terms by the District Advisory Council (DAC), which consists of the presidents of each Board of Township Trustees; the president of the Board of County Commissioners and Village Mayors. Work of the MCHD is supported by a one mill tax levy; fees for services; State subsidy; federal/state grants and awards from other sources. Current MCHD staff consists of 18 full and part-time employees.

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