Suspects in Custody Following Attempted Murder Investigation in Reedsville

Grim, Starche and Watson

Grim, Starche and Watson

MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio – An alleged assault began over money attackers claimed the victim took.

According to Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood on March 7, 2018 at approximately 12 p.m., his office received a phone call in reference to a female that showed up at a residence on Curtis Hollow Road that had been beaten and was bleeding. Deputies arrived at the scene and began an investigation as the victim was being treated by Meigs EMS. Once paramedics arrived, it was determined the victim had a severe fracture from what investigators later discovered was incurred from falling from a nearby cliff along Forked Run Lake. Deputies were able to obtain information from the victim prior to her being flown to St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, WV for her injuries.

Deputies had learned during the investigation that sometime that morning, the victim was at a residence on Bald Knob Stiversville Road when Marissa Starcher, 34, of Pomeroy, Brooke Watson, 29, and Nathan Grimm, 31, of Ross Road, Portland began assaulting the victim over alleged missing money that the victim was accused of taking.

The victim was beaten, punched, and hit with a ball bat several times by all involved. Watson and Starcher pulled the victim’s hair out of her scalp as well as hit her with a broom handle. The victim also alleges being sexually assaulted.

The victim was blindfolded and placed into a car and was drove to Putnam Drive next to Forked Run Lake. While in the car, the victim stated that her hair was cut but did not know by whom. Once they arrived to a pull-off spot on Putnam Drive overlooking the lake, the victim stated that she was drug from the car and shoved over a cliff which was several feet down where she sustained the severe injury to her arm.

A search warrant was obtained for the residence on Bald Knob Stiversville Road and was executed by deputies and BCI, who was called in to process the crime scene. While officers were executing the search warrant, information was received by deputies that the suspects were in a gold Saturn and possibly at a residence on Ross Road. As deputies were enroute to that residence on Ross Road, the suspect vehicle was located driving down the road and a traffic stop was made. Suspects Starcher and Watson were located in that vehicle and was taken into custody.

Deputies were able to locate Nathan Grimm at his residence on Ross Road and he was taken into custody at that time. A search warrant was executed on Grimm’s residence also.

All three are incarcerated pending a court appearance. Charges of Kidnapping, Rape, and Attemped Murder are being filed on all suspects. Additional charges may follow.

The Ohio State Patrol, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Meigs EMS, Racine Police and Ohio BCI assisted with the investigation and apprehension of the suspects.

All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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