Morgan Sentenced on Attempted Murder Conviction

Danny Morgan Sr., leaving the courtroom during a break in the three day trial. Morgan was remanded to the custody of the Meigs County Sheriff after being convicted and will transported to begin serving his 11 year prison term. Photo by Carrie Gloeckner.

POMEROY, Ohio – Danny Morgan Sr., has been sentenced for an attempted murder on Lasher Road in Meigs County, Ohio.

Morgan appeared with counsel, Douglas Francis, before Judge I. Carson Crow the day after being convicted by a jury on one count of Attempted Murder, a felony of the first degree, and two counts of Felonious Assault, both felonies of the second degree. He was found guilty on all charges. On the night March 18 and into the early morning hours of March 19, 2016 Morgan got into an argument with the victim and nearly fatally stabbed the man. The victim had taken Morgan in to stay with him at the victim’s Lasher Road residence in Meigs County, Ohio.

Judge Crow sentenced Morgan to the maximum time allowable of 11 years in prison.

Morgan was represented by attorneys Karyn Justice (who was not able to be present at the sentencing) and Douglas Francis. Francis was present and along side Morgan during the sentencing proceedings.

The Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Tommy Saunders presented the state’s case during the three day trial.

Following the proceedings, Prosecutor Stanley stated, “I’m glad that justice was served in this case. The victim suffered extensively, and now the defendant is being held accountable for his actions. I thank all the first responders who assisted the victim and kept him alive. I thank law enforcement for their thorough investigation. I thanks the staff at the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Meigs County Victim Assistance Program for all their hard work in this case.”

Additonally Stanley expressed gratitude for all those that participated or assisted in the case including Meigs County 911, Meigs County EMS, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, the Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force, the Middleport Police Department, the Ohio BCI, and the Rutland Fire Department.

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Man Convicted on Attempted Murder Charges