Signs at the Portland Community Center. Photo by Madalyn Wood.

POMEROY, Ohio – Meigs County votes down proposed Justice Center a second time, keeps an incumbent commissioner as a Republican nominee and may or may not have a winner for the Republican nomination for Court of Common Pleas Judge.

Results are listed below but do not include provisional ballots and some absentee ballots that may yet be received by the Board of Elections. The official count will be made on May 21, 2018 when the results will become official and will include the provisional ballots and possible absentee ballots as well.

The total number of ballots cast according to the unofficial results were 5,419. Of that number, 4,326 were Republican and 1,012. There were 2 cast for the Green Party and 79 non-partisan ballots cast. There are 15,447 registered voters in Meigs County, Ohio.

Unofficial Results – Results Officially Counted May 21, 2018.
With 52 Uncounted Provisional Ballots and 28 Absentees still out.
With 27 of 27 Precincts Reporting

Statewide Issue 1
State Issue 1 (Meigs Only)
For 2,637
Against 2,060

Proposed Meigs County Justice Center – Failed
For 2,130
Against 3,072

Republican Nominations

Judge Court of Common Pleas – Linda Warner ahead and likely winner, but not official tonight.
Linda Warner 2,150
Christopher Tenoglia 2,090

County Commissioner – Tim Ihle Winner
Tim Ihle 2,254
Danny Davis 1,789

Local Issues

Middleport Village Electric Aggregation – Failed
For 124
Against 214

Middleport Village Tax Levy 1 – Passed
For 289
Against 105

Middleport Village Tax Levy 2 – Passed
For 283
Against 108

Pomeroy Village Electric Aggregation – Failed
For 116
Against 175

Pomeroy Village Street Maintenance – Passed
For 171
Against 148

Scipio Township Road Maintenance – Passed
For 150
Against 67

Scipio Township Fire Protection – Passed
For 162
Against 43

Columbia Township Local Option Doug’s Carry Out – Passed
For 262
Against 123

Columbia Township Local Option Sunday Sales Doug’s Carry Out – Passed
For 239
Against 143

Columbia Township Alexander Local Schools – Meigs Only – Failed
For 188
Against 205

(All of Alexander Local Results) – Failed
For 1,259
Against 1,301

Republican Ballot Meigs County Results Only

Justice of the Supreme Court
Mary DeGenaro 2,438

Justice of the Supreme Court
Craig Baldwin 2,528

Judge of the Court of Appeals 4th District
Jason P. Smith 1,584
Kris D. Blanton 1,186

Judge of the Court of Appeals 4th District
Kathleen Madden 1,465
Mike Hess 1,565

Governor and Lt. Governor
Mary Taylor & Nathan D. Estruth 1,585
Mike DeWine & Jon Husted 2,305

U.S. Senator
Dan Kiley 211
Jim Renacci 995
Melissa Ackison 818
Don Elijah Eckhart 233
Mike Gibbons 978

Representative to Congress 6th District
Bill Johnson 3,028
Robert J. Blazek 587

Treasurer of State
Robert Sprague 1,263
Sandra O’Brien 1,872

Unopposed County Races
Member of County Central Committee
Marco Jeffers 179

County Auditor
Mary T. Byer-Hill 3,093

State Representative 94th District
Jay Edwards 3,178

State Central Committee, Woman
Marilyn K. Ashcroft 2,492

State Central Committee, Man
Jim E. Cranes 2,462

Unopposed State Races – Meigs County Results Only
Attorney General
Dave Yost 2,849

Auditor of State
Keith Faber 2,589

Sec. of State
Frank LaRose 2,562

Democratic Primary Election
Meigs County Results only

Governor and Lt. Governor
Bill O’Neill & Chantelle C. Lewis 65
Paul E. Ray & Jerry M. Schroeder 49
Joe Schiavoni & Stephanie Dodd 72
Richard Cordray & Betty Sutton 465
Larry E. Ealy & Jeffrey Lynn 33
Dennis John Kucinich & Tara L. Samples 217

Attorney General
Steve Dettelbach 678

Auditor of State
Zack Space 670

Sec. of State
Kathleen Clyde 682

Treasurer of State
Rob Richardson 670

U.S. Senator
Sherrod Brown 809

Representative to Congress 6th District
Shawna Roberts 596
Werner Lange 179

Justice of the Supreme Court
Michael P. Donnelly 636

Justice of the Supreme Court
Marie Hoover 625

Judge of the Court of Appeals 4th District
Valarie K. Gerlach 625

Member of State Central Committee Man
Lou Gentile 670

Member of State Central Committee Woman
Ginny Favede 631

State Representative
Taylor Sappington 682

Member of County Central Committee
Mary J. Carter 74

None filed for judge, commissioner, auditor