POMEROY, Ohio – Judging on the book work portion of 4-H livestock was held Tuesday, July 10, 2018 in the Meigs High School cafeteria.

It isn’t about one day in the show arena for exhibitors, it is about the learning experiences they have in the days leading up to the show arena and beyond. Varying in ages and skill levels, the youth went one by one before their respective judges to demonstrate what they had learned with their project. Projects included poultry, beef, lambs, equine, and more as the exhibitors moved one step closer to exhibiting their livestock at the 155th Meigs County Fair August 13-18. Grand and reserve champions in the various divisions will not be chosen until the fair.

Michelle Stumbo, 4-H Youth Development
Extension Educator and County Director, explained book judging for livestock projects is not required in some counties, but it is in Meigs. She said the ehibitors have options to chose from in the books for their respective projects. Additionally, there is record keeping with the project as what expenses were involved for feed of the livestock. Judges reviewed the books and records during judging and questioned 4-Hers as well.

“I don’t want my kids to go through without having to sit down and talk to an adult,” Stumbo said. Interviewing skills are something that can stay with members throughout their lives long past the days of being in the show ring.

During the judging, exhibitors had the opportunity to participate in Skillathon where they demonstrate certain knowledge concerning their project animal. The top 10 of each species will be recognized at the awards ceremony during the fair. Additionally, the top 10 percent of each species will be recognized as well.

About 200 youth went through judging at Meigs High School.