MIDDLEPORT, Ohio – The Middleport Police Department issued a notice July 17, 2018 to residents concerning a recent surge in property crimes in the village.

According to the statement from Middleport Police Chief Bruce Swift, residents are reminded not to leave items such as, “bicycles, scooters, toys or any tools, lawn equipment or anything else in plain sight and unsecured.”

Additionally, residents should keep outbuildings, sheds and garages locked at secured at night or when they are not in use. It was also advised that items not be left in plain sight inside of parked vehicles and that parked vehicles should be locked. It was recommended to use outdoor lighting and motion sensors as well.

The steps were advised to help minimize the thefts that have been occurring in the village.

“It is sad that these steps must be taken to protect our homes and property that we work hard for every day, but we must understand that society has changed and there are many people out there that do not have any respect or morals and do not care about you, your property or how hard you have worked for what you have,” Chief Swift stated.