Pomeroy called to assist in New Haven fire

NEW HAVEN, WV – The Pomeroy Fire Department was called to provide mutual aid to assist in a Mason County structure fire.

According to the Pomeroy Fire Department, they were called to respond to Dewhurst Road in New Haven on July 23, 2018. New Haven and Mason Fire Departments were already on the scene with the working structure fire. Point Pleasant was also called for assistance.

According to a post from the Mason Fire Department, “A defensive attack was used and members hit it hard from the yard to knock the bulk of the fire down and went inside to finish the job with approximately 6,000 gallons of water (that’s not very much) but with well trained firefighters who knows their job that’s all you need.”

Also responding were the Mason County EMS, Mason County Sheriff’s Office and the Mason Ladies Auxiliary that assisted the firefighters with cold drinks.