Church encourages community to come together for 40 daysof prayer

The Syracuse Asbury United Methodist Church prayer box. Submitted photo.

SYRACUSE, Ohio – Syracuse Asbury United Methodist Church is inviting the community to join them for 40 days of prayer.

Throughout the month of August and part of September, the church will be focusing on the power of prayer. Sunday morning worshipers have been given prayer cards that feature a specific prayer request each day and they have been challenged to include these requests in their daily prayers.

In order to be able to take on such challenges and new movements within the church, donations are a key part to Asbury United Methodist Church. Donating digitally is an increasingly popular way to contribute to your church, often the community members use sites such as mobileAxept to make their donations. Such websites help you to meet your tithing goals so you never miss the chance to show gratituity. Some churches have even managed to increase their donations by 32% by encouraging members to use them.

Part of the church’s outreach is a Prayer Box, which has been placed in front of the church’s entrance, along Route 124. The church invites members of the community to place prayer requests in the box, and these requests will be prayed over on Sunday morning.

“Our communities are filled with people who are in need of prayer, but walking through the church doors can be intimidating,” said Pastor Wesley Thoene. “We hope this will be a way for us to lift up those individuals and needs within our community, while letting them know that the church is here for them.”

For those interested in attending church at Asbury, services start at 10:30AM on Sunday morning. All visitors are welcome.