Champions named at 2018 livestock shows and judgings

POMEROY, Ohio – Hard work paid off at the Meigs County Fair for youth earning championships during the Junior Fair Livestock shows and judgings.

Months of work come down to moments in the ring. From remembering the right steps in showing their animal to the growth and development of the livestock, it all comes down to what happens in the small circle in the Ridenour Livestock Arena.

The Grand Champion Showman was Allison Barber with the Reserve Champion going to Coltin Parker. The Overall Grand Champion was Sydney Zirkle and the Reserve was also Sydney Zirkle. The Market Dairy Feeder Calf Showman was Caelin Smith. The Reserve went to Allison Barber. Allison Barber also had the Grand Champion Market Dairy Calf. The Reserve Champion went to Raegan Jones. Caelin Smith placed third overall. Grace Butcher was the Grand Champion Market Dairy Steer Showman with Kaylin Butcher taking the Reserve spot. Kaylin Butcher also had the Grand Champion Market Dairy Steer, while Grace Butcher was the Reserve Champion.

The Sheep Breeding Grand Champion was Michael Kesterson with the Rachel Kesterson taking the Reserve Champion spot. The Overall Grand Champion Sheep Breeding went to Zach Williams and the Reserve to Michael Kesterson. Grand Champion Lamb Showman went to Michael Kesterson and the Reserve went to McKenzy Burnem. Market Lamb Grand Champion was Auston Colburn. The Reserve went to Wyatt Watson. Placing third overall was Maci Hood followed by fourth, Braden Watson and fifth, Lincoln Thomas.

In showmanship, the Grand Champion went to Mattison Finlaw and the Reserve went to Hannah Erwin. With non-market poultry, the overall Grand Champion went to Mattison Finlaw with the Reserve going to Olivia Yost. The markets poultry Grand Champion was Austin Rice with Reserve to Cooper Schagel. Rounding out the top five, third went to Jenna Jordan along with fourth to Trace Erwin and fifth to Roseanna Butcher.

From left, Reserve Champion Market Steer Trenton Morrissey and Grand Champion Jessica Parker. Back row from left fair royalty, Queen Mattison Finlaw and Runner-up Raeven Reedy. Anita Morrissey photo.

In beef breeding, the Grand Champion Showman went to Elizabeth Collins and the Reserve to Olivia Harris. The overall Grand Champion went to McKenzie Newell and the Reserve to Elizabeth Collins. Elizabeth Collins also had the Grand Champion Showmanship with her Market Beef Feeder Calf. Olivia Wood had the Reserve Champion Market Beef Feeder Calf. The overall Market Beef Feeder Calf Champion was Olivia Harrris with the Reserve going to Mackenzie Newell. Placing third overall was Jennifer Parker while fourth went to Elizabeth Collins followed by fifth with Lucas Finlaw. The Market Steer Showman Grand Champion was Faith Bauerbach and the Reserve was Trenton Morrissey. Overall Market Steer Championship went to Jessica Parker with the Reserve being Trenton Morrissey. Placing third overall was Faith Bauerbach, fourth to Rylee Lisle and fifth to Abigail Bauerbach.

The Market Hog Showmanship Champion was Jenna Jordan along with Jaycie Jordan taking the Reserve Championship. The overall Market Hog Champion was Jenna Jordan and the Reserve went to Jaycie Jordan. Placing third overall was Jacob Jordan. Fourth place overall went to Bruce Hawley and Erica Durst was fifth.

The 2018 Grand Champion Showman was Rachel Jackson and the Reserve Champion was Hannah Evans. With market rabbits, the Grand Champion was Brycen Rowe with Reserve going to Hannah Bottomley. Placing third overall was Emily Smith along with fourth going to Rachel Jackson and fifth to Brayden O’Brien. In rabbit breeding, the Grand Champion was Rachel Jackson and the Reserve Champion was Hannah Bottomley.

The Goat Breeding Showman Championship went to Kristin McKay and the Reserve to Kyra Zuspan. The Breeding Overall Championship also went to Kyra Zuspan with the Reserve going to Kristin McKay. The Grand Champion Market Goat went to Jessica Parker while Jennifer Parker was the Reserve Champion.

Meigs County Born and Raised
Each species had the opportunity to earn the top two spots for their species being born and raised in the county. The winners were as follows: Grand Champion Beef Feeder, Jennifer Parker; Reserve Champion Beef Feeder, Elizabeth Collins; Grand Champion Steer, Jessica Parker; Reserve Champion Steer, Faith Bauerbach; Grand Champion Dairy Feeder, Allison Barber; Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder, Raegan Jones; Grand Champion Dairy Steer, Kaylin Butcher; Reserve Champion Dairy Steer, Grace Butcher; Grand Champion Hog, Jenna Jordan; Reserve Champion Hog, Jaycie Jordan; Grand Champion Lamb, McKenzy Burnem; Reserve Champion Lamb, Matt Werry; Grand Champion Goat, Arielle Beeler; Reserve Champion Goat, MaKenna Rankin; Grand Champion Rabbit, Brycen Rowe; and Reserve Champion Hog, Hanna Bottomley. The Meigs County Born and Raised is sponsored by Farmers Bank and Savings Company.