Youth recognized at annual awards ceremony at Meigs Fair

POMEROY, Ohio – During the Meigs County Fair each year an awards ceremony is held in the Ridenour Livestock Arena to recognize the accomplishments of 4-H youth through exhibiting, taking projects or working in leadership in their clubs and community.

Attending the State Fair (earning championship in their project field and representing Meigs County at the Ohio State Fair) were: Trenton Morrissey, Cooper Schagel, Raeann Schagel, Kendall Schagel, Raegan Jones, Hanna Bottomley, Raeven Reedy, Kristin McKay, Jacob Spencer, Madelyn Mayer, Elisabeth Oldaker, Gabrielle Oldaker, Austin Rose, Elizabeth Spires, Tyler Miller, and Kyra Zuspan. Kyra Zuspan represented the county in three different categories. Trenton Morrissey represented the county in two different categories. Outstanding of the Day at the State Fair were Trenton Morrissey and Madelyn Mayer.

Part of taking projects in 4-H is the interview process of judging. It creates a life skill opportunity for youth to prepare for job interviews, etc. Recognized for Outstanding Interviews were: You Can Quilt, Addie McDaniel; Yeast Breads on the Rise, Cooper Schagel; You’re the Chef, Elizabeth Oldaker; cake Decorating, Katelin Ferguson; Ohio Birds, Kendall Schagel; Pocket Pets (Hamster), Hanna Bottomley; Tractor Operations – Gearing Up, Tyler Miller; Self Determined (Japan), Daniel Card; Beekeeping, Hunter Smith; Truth About Tobacco, Meghan Short; Woodworking Master, Rachel Jackson; and Finding Your Voice, Kyra Zuspan.

Fashion Board recognitions were: Master Cloting Educators Junior, Kyra Zuspan; Master Clothing Educators Senior, Caitlin Carr; Lloyd and Doris Roby 4-H Clothing Award, Caitlin Carr; State Fashion Board Nominee, Caitlin Carr; Fashion Skillathon Beginner, Hannah Jackson; Fashion Skillathon Intermediate, Kyra Zuspan; and Fashion Skillathon Senior, Caitlin Carr.

Those recognized for food awards were: Food Skillathon Beginner, Elisabeth Spires; Food Skillathon Intermediate Cooper Schagel and Michael Brown; and Food Skillathon Senior, Raeven Reedy; Emerald Chef Contest Michael Brown, Raeven Reedy, and Kyra Zuspan; and Emerald Chef Contest Winner, Raeven Reedy.

Several members efforts in woodworking were noted: Measuring Up Unit 1 Grand Champion, Jeremiah Mohler; Measuring Up Unit 1 Honorable Mention, Kristin McKay, Hunter Clary and Matthew Adam Roberts; Making the Cut Unit 2, Grand Champion Lydyah Barringer and Reserve Champion Hannah Jackson; Finishing Up – Unit 4, Grand Champion Matthew Jackson; and Woodworking Master, Rachel Jackson.

Various other projects were awarded including: Demonstration, Kyra Zuspan; Secretary Awards, Senior Grand Champion Dylan Chevalier, Junior Grand Champion Trenton Morrissey, and Junior Reserve Grand Champion Raeann Schagel.

Skillathon is an opportunity for members to demonstrate knowledge gained in their respective project fields. Skillathon recognitions for Top 10 Percent were: Lamb Beginner, McKenzy Burnem and Garrett Parry; Lamb Senior, Jasina Will; Goat Beginner, Woody Will; Rabbit Beginner, Hunter Clary, Matthew Jackson, and Hannah Jackson; Rabbit Intermediate, Rachel Jackson; Rabbit Senior, Valerie Hamm; Hog Senior, Auston Colburn; Beef Beginner, McKayla Nelson; Beef Intermediate, Lucas Finlaw and Kristin McKay; Beef Senior, Mattison Finlaw and Allison Hatfield; Dairy Beginner, Raegan Jones; Dairy Intermediate, Lucas Finlaw; Dairy Senior, Mattison Finlaw and Olivia Yost; Poultry Beginner, Trace Erwin; Poultry Intermediate, Lucas Finlaw and Cooper Schagel; Poultry Senior, Hannah Erwin.

Several members participated in exhibiting livestock at the Ohio State Fair this year and they were recognized as well. State Fair Livestock participants attended the fair and represented Meigs County in various shows included: Rabbit Show, Rachel Jackson; Rabbit Skillathon, Matthew Jackson, Rachel Jackson and Hannah Jackson; Poultry Show, Hannah Erwin; Poultry Skillathon, Hannah Erwin; Beef Skillathon, Faith Bauerbach and Jessica Parker; Beef Show, Rebecca Pullins, Faith Bauerbach and Jessica Parker.

Camp offers not only campers experiences and learning opportunities, but it is the chance to learn leadership skills as a camp counselor. Recognized for leadership as camp counselors were Addie McDaniel, Gabrielle Beeler, Arielle Beeler, McKenzie Long, and Kylie Gheen.

In recent years seniors have been recognized and given green and white chords representing 4-H. The chords are to wear at graduation for all the work they have accomplished in their 4-H membership careers. Seniors recoginized were: Brandon Colburn, Eastern, Fur and Feathers Club; Elizabeth Collins, Eastern, Classy Clovers; Jessica Cook, Eastern, Rocksprings Raiders; Courtney Fitzgerald, Eastern, 4Fun 4-H Club; Kaitlyn Hawk, Eastern, Forever 4-H; Courtney Mather, Eastern, Forever 4-H; Mattison Finlaw, Eastern, Cowboy Boots and Country Roots; Matthew Werry, Eastern, Cowboy Boots and Country Roots; Chelsey Pullins, Meigs, Busy Beavers; Courtnee Williams, Meigs, Meig O Minds; Rachel Kesterson, Meigs, Busy Beavers; Raymond Lawson, Meigs, Busy Beavers; Dameson Jenkins, Southern, Classic 4-H’ers; Hanna Bottomley, Southern, Classic 4-H’ers; Hannah Evans, Southern, Rocksprings Raiders; Elisha Williams, Home School, Rocksprings Raiders; and Daniel “Joey” Card, Christian Light, Tuppers Plains.

Achievement Records Awards were named for various projects: Poultry Nominee, Hannah Erwin; Beef Alternate, Citizenship and Communications, Rachel Kesterson; Gardening and Horticulture Nominee, Hannah Evans; Beef Nominee, Elizabeth Collins; Leadership Nominee, Poultry Alternate, Cooper Schagel; State Junior Faiboard Nominee, Gabrielle Beeler; Food and Nutrition Alternate, Dairy, Jessica Cook.

The Outstanding 4-H Members were Rachel Kesterson and Hannah Evans.

The Outstanding 4-H Volunteer was Carrie Schagel.

Clubs were also noted for their booths at the fair. Recognized were: Booth 8 and Under, First to Kountry Kids, Second to Hooves, Hands & Hearts, and Third to Salem Center Go-Getters; Booth 12 and Up, First to Wooly Bully’s & More; Second to Meig O Minds, Third to Busy Beavers.

Rachel Kesterson was also awarded the Leland Parker Memorial Scholarship. She was not able to attend because she was beginning college classes, but her standee from the Ohio Valley Bank scholarship was used in pictures along with her brother and mother accepting several awards for her.

Elizabeth and Sarah Lawrence were also recognized for their work as advisors for the fair royalty.

Members of the Junior Fair Board were noted as well.

To watch the full awards presentation, click on the link below to see the full coverage by the Meigs Independent Press on video.


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Posted by Meigs Independent Press on Friday, August 17, 2018