POMEROY, Ohio – Once again area businesses came together to support youth and setting records at the annual livestock sale at the Meigs County Fair, Aug. 18, 2018.

According to the fair board, the Meigs County Fair Livestock Auction had a total sale of $241,700. Additionally, $1,875 was donated with sale items to the Meigs County Drug Coalition, $850 from a quilt auction for the Meigs County Extension 4-H program along with $8,780 from the wood carvings donated by Dennis Beach, World Champion Wood Carver with the profits to go the the Meigs County Agricultural Society for capital improvements.

Several records were set including a new record price of $2,500 for the Grand Champion Market Lamb purchased by Dr. Meghan Haynes and Holzer Athens. The Reserve Champion Market Lamb tied with $2,000 of a record set in 2015 with Pool Masters of Vienna purchasing them this year. Market Poultry also had a new record for the Grand Champion with Detweiller Lumber and Peoples Bank purchasing them for $1,400. The previous record price was for $1,200 set in 2013 by Ridenour Gas Service. Ridenour Gas Service was not to be out done, however, and set a new record price for Market Rabbits with the Grand Champion going for $1,800.

The presence of the cattle livestock got people talking about the technicalities of managing such large livestock. The use of cattle head gates from Pearson, it seems, is one of the primary methods of dealing with these animals for cattle farmers.

Numerous businesses and individuals “bumped” some exhibitors individually or as a species to certain levels. Those making “bumps” in price included Mark Porter Chevrolet, Parker Corporation, Sammi Mugrage Meigs County Clerk of Courts, Heritage Co Op, Shade River Farms, Constillium Rolled Products, Holzer Health System, PDK Construction, JTM Management, J&M Auto Sales, Aerosmith Archery, Sarah Hawley, Tara Rose Thirty One Consultant.

The Meigs Independent Press filmed all of the 2018 Livestock Sale on the MIP Facebook page and those videos are linked below.

(Each result is as follows: exhibitor, weight in pounds, buyer, price. The price shown does not reflect any “bumps” in price. It is the price as auctioned.)

Market Commercial Feeder
Grand Champion, Olivia Harris, 565, Burke Farms, $2,150; Reserve Grand Champion, Mackenzie Newell, 563, Reed & Bauer Insurance and Ohio Valley Plumbing, $2,400; Lucas Finlaw, 590, Holzer Health System Meigs, $1,200; McKayla Nelson, 457, Reed & Bauer and Ohio Valley Plumbing, $1,450; Preston Ervin, 610, Shelly Material, $1,500; Allison Hatfield, 498, Jackson Ag Service, $2,300; Owen Johnson, 569, Holzer Health System Meigs, $1,300; Alexis Ervin, 621, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $1,700; Kylie Gheen, 501, Mark Porter Autoplex, $1,700; Brayden Ervin, 595, Pomeroy Express Care of Pleasant Valley Hospital, $1,700; Samuel Bauerbach, 470, Heritage Co Op, $1,700; Ethan Mullen, 620, RVC Architects and Pat Mullen Construction, $1,800; Dalton Ervin, 561, Athens Livestock and Ervin Family Farm, $1,550; Ryan Parker, 514, Peoples Bank and Roush Brothers, $1,400; Conner Ervin, 588, Holzer Health System Meigs, $1,700; Madison Johnson, 457, Mark Porter Chevrolet, $1,350; McKenzie Long, Ridenour Gas Service, $1,550; Cassidy Bailey, 517, Home National Bank, $1,450; Austin Rose, 589, Farmers Bank and Savings Co., $1,500; Ryan Ross, 458, Heritage Co Op, $1,500; Megan Ross, 482, Precision Fabrication, $1,300.

Dairy Feeders
Grand Champion, Allison Barber, 612, Hendricks Heating & Cooling and Hendricks Construction, $1,500; Reserve Grand Champion, Raegan Jones, 585, State Rep. Jay Edwards, $1,500; Caelin Seth, 611, White’s, $1,000.

Market Hogs
Grand Champion, Jenna Jordan, 249, Stanley Logging and Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James Stanley, $3,100; Reserve Grand Champion, Jaycie Jordan, 281, J&M Auto Sales, $2,100; Jacob Jordan, 262, Shade River Ag Service, $1,650; Bruce Hawley, 256, McDonald’s of Ravenswood and Pomeroy, $1,300; Erica Durst, 244, Constillium Rolled Products, $1,300; Trinity Wood, 223, Nova Rubber, $1,200; Kori Robie, 269, Reed & Bauer Insurance and Ohio Valley Plumbing, $1,150; Courtney Fitzgerald, 243, Skyline Bowling Center, $1,000; Roseanna Butcher, 234, McDonald’s of Ravenswood and Pomeroy, $900; Brady Colburn, 221, Pomeroy Express Care of Pleasant Valley Hospital, $1,000; Brandon Oldaker, 275, Buckley Group Engineering and Surveying, $1,500; Whitney Durst, 251, D.V. Weber Construction, $1,250; Layne Caldwell, 257, Holzer Health System Meigs, $1,350; Kathryn Ryan, 264, J & L Construction, $2,000; Ashton Monroe, 246, Rose’s Excavating, $1,300; Autumn Jones, 234, Wild Horse Cafe, $1,200; Chloe Rizer, 221, AEP Mountaineer Plant, $1,300; Shelbe Cochran, 275, Mark Porter Chrysler Dodge & Jeep, $1,400; Elizabeth Collins, 251, Parkersburg Home Surplus, $1,600; Bradley Hamm, 260, AEP Mountaineer Plant, $1,300; Garrett Wolfe, 265, Home National Bank, $1,700; Logan Caldwell, 243, White’s Funeral Home, $1,400; Simon Spires, 231, Farmer’s Bank & Savings Company, $1,400; Brandon Bolburn, 223, Save a Lot Pomeroy, $1,200; Colton Hamm, 274, Pool Masters of Vienna, $1,600; Coltin Parker, 252, Mel Weese Optometrist, $1,350; William Oldaker, 256, AEP Mountaineer Plant, $1,800; Kaden Robinson, 267, Rose’s Excavating, $1,750; Rober Butcher, 245, Ridenour Gas Service, $1,250; Malachi Smith, 236, Porter’s Pumpkin Patch and Webb Trucking, $1,200; Ashton Jude, 220, Morris Petroleum, $1,750; Brad Hawk, 276, Gavin Plant, $1,600; Micaiah Smith, 244, Middleport Jail and Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood, $1,400; Kaitlyn Hawk, 261, McGinnis Inc., $1,800; Brayden Robinson, 246, Norris Northup Dodge, $1,800.

Market Beef Steers
Grand Champion, Jess Parker, 1,321, Parker Corporation, $3,200; Reserve Grand Champion, Trenton Morrissey, 1,216, Precision Fabricating along wiht Buckley Group Engineering and Surveying and Dr. Jeremy and Martha Buckley, $3,400; Faith Bauerbach, 1,317, Parker Corporation, $2,500; Rylee Lisle, 1,279, I-77 Auto Group, $2,400; Abigail Bauerbach, 1,200, Parker Corporation, $2,300; Mitchel Evans, 1,393, Roses’s Excavating, $2,800; Trevor Morrissey, 1,150, Ohio Valley Bank, $2,300; Katelynn Chevalier, 1,261, Jay Mar, $2,500; Zachary Williams, 1,343, Home National Bank, $2,800; Heidi Willis, 1,148, Nova Rubber, $2,200; Kristin McKay, 1,313, Dillion Cattle Company, $3,700; Rachel Kesterson, 1,225, J&L Construction and Rutland Service Center, $3,000; Sean Stobaugh, 1,240, Rose’s Excavating, $2,700; Tiffany Tripp, 1,324, Mark Porter Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Reed & Bauer Insurance, $2,850; Elisha Jane Williams, 1,069, Leeds Angus Farms, $2,800; Justin Pierce, 1,216, Campaign to Elect Michael Barr for Judge, $2,900; Courtnee Williams, 1,282, Valley Stone Yard, $3,000; Nathan Pierce, 1,040, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $2,600; Olivia Wood, 1,140, State Rep Jay Edwards, Peoples Bank and Mark Porter Chrysler Jeep Dodge, $3,400.

Market Poultry
Grand Champion, Austin Rice, Detweiller Lumber and Peoples Bank, $1,400; Reserve Grand Champion, Cooper Schagel, Kinsale Corporation, $1,000; Trace Erwin, Bob’s Market, $400; Levi Williams, Leedy Angus Farms, $360; Corey Seth, Baum Lumber Company, $600; Sarah Williams, Michael Farms and Ohio Valley Bank, $500; Joseph Butcher, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $400; Hannah Erwin, McGinnis Insurance, $500; Landen Woods, Dr. Douglas Hunter, $450; Lane Edwards, Gavin Plant, $500; Israel Williams, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $450; Raeann Schagel, Buckley Group Engineering & Surveying, $600; Emma Doczi, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $500; Dominique Butcher, Home National Bank, $400; Lilyanna Butcher, A-1 Sanitation, $400; Faith Butcher, Pat Mullen Insurance and RVC Architecture, $400; Hunter Smith, Mama Papa, $450; Lydia Edwards, Gavin Plant, $800; Michael Letson, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $400; Mattison Finlaw, Mark Porter Autoplex, $550.

Market Rabbits
Grand Champion, Brycen Rowe, Ridenour Gas Service, $1,800; Reserve Grand Champion, Hanna Bottomly, Ridenour Gas Service, $1,050; Emilie Smith, Holzer Health System Meigs, $850; Rachel Jackson, Bob’s Market, $600; Brayden O’Brien, Peoples Bank, $450; Ciera Whitesell, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $450; Avery Patterson, Baum’s TP One Stop, $700; Gabby Beeler, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $550; Hannah Jackson, Dr. Douglas Hunter, $550; Taylor Bartrum, Gavin Plant, $500; Kendall Schagel, Pool Master of Vienna, $700; Kadynce Wolfe, K&C Show Poultry, $475; Alexis Grubb, Mark Porter Ford Jackson, $600; Gavin Smith, Gavin Plant, $700; Sidney Dillon, Baum Lumber Company, $600; Hannah Evans, Home National Bank, $500; Matthew Jackson, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $500; Valerie Hamm, AEP Mountaineer Plant, $400; Hunter Clary, Butcher Logging, $400; Brogan Jenkins, H&L Hoof Trimming, $450; Blake Cremeans, Mark Porter Chevrolet and Ohio Valley Bank, $400; Raeven Reedy, Mark Porter Ford Jackson, $450; Samual Cremeans, Gavin Plant, $500; Keaghan Wolfe, Farmers Bank & Savings Company; $450; Jacob Spencer, Buckley Engineering & Surveying, $500; Adryauna Parker, Home National Bank, $400; Andrea Mahr, Baum Lumber Company, $450; Jackie Dailey, Farmers Bank & Savings Company, $450; Dana Card, Ridenour Gas Service, $450; Nathan Minshall, Birchfield Funeral Home, $500; Brayden Stanley, Stanley Logging, $500; Alexia Cremeans, Ohio Valley Bank and Mark Porter Chrysler Dodge Jeep, $500; Leah Spencer, Drs. Jeremy and Martha Buckley, $1,000.

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