Letter to the Editor: Alumni Association participation

Dear Editor,

This Wednesday, August 29th, the Southern Tornado Alumni Association will hold a meeting to generate ideas for homecoming and a few other things that the alumni association has planned. We need your help! For the past few years, people have expressed interest in having more of an alumni presence at homecoming, as well as events other than the alumni banquet; this is the time.

As of right now, we are planning on featuring an alumni band and alumni cheerleaders at this year’s homecoming game and parade on Friday, September 28. We would like to have reunion years (5, 10, 15, and so on) have floats in the parade, as well as a float with as many past homecoming queens on it as possible. Before the game, we would like to tailgate outside the school and have an alumni get together, with a DJ, corn hole, and tailgating food. We also have several items we are planning to sell, such as alumni T-shirts and Cat’s Meow wooden knick-knacks of different schools.

Looking towards the future, we have kicked around the idea of an alumni prom, cork and canvass event, and possibly a basket bingo. But as it stands right now, none of this is currently possible without more involvement. I am asking you as Tornado Alumni for help. We plan to meet this Wednesday, August 29th, at 6:00 in room 300 at Southern High School. As the new alumni association president, I am imploring a few alumni to help us reach our goals and become part of this organization. Please contact me at 740-416-9667 or jordan.pickens@southernlocal.net for more information. Once a Tornado…. Always a Tornado.

Jordan D. Pickens
Southern Tornado Alumni Assoc. President