COLUMBUS, Ohio – A paramedic at MedFlight’s Meigs County helicopter base in Pomeroy, Ohio was found deceased on the morning of Nov. 29, 2018.

Mark Potter was found at the base, deceased. There is no known cause of death at this time according to MedFlight.

MedFlight released the following statement, “We ask that you respect the privacy of Mark’s family, friends, and coworkers.”

According to MedFlight’s President Tom Allenstein, “We are devastated regarding the news of Mark’s death. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with his family. Mark is a cherished part of our family as well.”

Potter was a Flight Paramedic and External Base Lead for MedFlight’s Meigs County Base. He has worked for MedFlight as a paramedic for almost 2 years. He proudly and honorably represented his home community in Logan, Ohio according to the statement.

The statement also said, “Furthermore, our heartfelt thanks go to the first responders, especially Meigs County EMS, who are involved and continue to support and assist us.”