By Steven Figel, aka “The Mild Mannered Morning Man”

With the approach of the Christmas-I can’t help but reflect on the magical qualities of the season. And it saddens me that as we grow up, we all too often lose the ability to view the season through a ‘child’s eyes’.

Just for a moment-try to remember the unbridled joy you once felt, not so very long ago.

Can you remember the thrill of a snowy night that brought the promise of sledding and snowball fights in the morning?

Do you recall the rush of anticipation brought on by the sight of homes and storefronts festooned with garlands and multicolored lights?

Can you recollect a mad dash from your warm bed to the living room and being greeted by the sight of a tree towering over piles of brightly wrapped bundles?

During these last 10-Days before Christmas, take a moment and imagine yourself once more “childlike”…and let your heart be light!

For I believe there is a child inside all of us!
And it is through the eyes of our inner child that the magical joy of the holiday season-in our own traditions-can be rediscovered, savored and thoroughly enjoyed.

Have a great day!