Deputy’s Notebook Dec. 2018-Jan. 7, 2019


The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those calls.

Dec. 3, 2018

Paper Service- Deputies served papers to six addresses in Middleport, Pomeroy, and Racine.

Investigate Complaint- Deputy Leggett Responded to an address on Nichols Rd. due to a report of yelling. Upon investigating this was unfounded as the residents of the address in question were not home. No further action.

Death Investigation- A deputy responded to Main St in Rutland for a death investigation. It was found to be natural causes. No further action was taken 

Dec. 4

Well-Being Check- Deputies were dispatched to an address on S.R. 143 for a well-being check. Deputies contacted the individual in question and was advised that everything was ok. No further action.

Investigate Complaint- Deputy Leggett was dispatched to the 124 Mart due to a report of possible drug activity. Upon investigation the report was unfounded. No further action.

Domestic Disturbance- Deputies Leggett and Campbell responded to an address on Pageville Rd. for a report of a possible domestic disturbance. It was discovered that there had been an argument, but no violence, however both parties agreed to separate. No further action.

Investigate Complaint- Deputies Leggett and Campbell responded to a complaint of a vehicle in the roadway at Reibel Rd. and S.R. 248. While the deputies were in route to the location, Sheriff Wood arrived at the scene and advised that a male individual had walked up stating that he had ran out of gas there. The vehicle had no registration plate and it was found that the individual driving did not have a valid driver’s license. Deputies then arrived on scene and K-9 Cheri was utilized to conduct an exterior sniff of the vehicle, leading to an indication at the driver door. Deputies then searched the vehicle finding Marijuana, Paraphernalia, and a clear crystalized substance. The vehicle was then towed from the scene and the driver placed in custody. This case remains under investigation.

Wellness check- A deputy responded to Welchtown Hill in reference to a wellness check. The caller had not been able to reach a male. The deputy contacted the male’s wife and it was found he was ok, just not at the residence. No further action was taken.

Dec. 5

Investigate Complaint- Deputies Leggett and Myers responded to S.R. 124 due to a female calling and requesting an officer. The female seemed distressed on the phone, although dispatch was unable to obtain much information over the phone. Upon investigation it was found that there had been no criminal activity, the female had been asked to leave the residence she was at due to her acting unstable. The female ultimately agreed to be transported to the Emergency Room for a psychological evaluation. No further action.

Theft Complaint- Deputies took a report of theft at an address on Portland Rd where the property owner advised that sometime in the last 30 days someone had stolen his tractor however, due to living out of town, he was not aware until recently due to his neighbor noticing his gate gone and called to let him know. This case remains under investigation.

Theft Complaint- Deputies took a report of a drive off from the 124 Mart. This case remains under investigation.

Alarm Drop- Deputy Leggett responded to a residential alarm on Hysell Run Rd. Upon investigation the home was not found to have any signs of burglary. No further action.

Death Investigation- A deputy responded to Beech Grove Rd for a death investigation. It was found to be natural causes. No further action was taken.

Dec. 8

Domestic Violence- Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Zuspan Hollow Road in Middleport in reference to Domestic Violence incident. Deputies arrived on the scene and spoke with both parties involved and found that no physical violence took place and no threats were made. The call was cleared, and no further action was taken.

Dementia patient- Deputies were dispatched to State Route 833 in reference to an elderly female with dementia. Deputies arrived on scene along with Meigs County EMS and the patient was transport to Holzer Meigs ER.

Concealed carry- Deputies processed three applications for concealed carry weapon permits and served several subpoenas as well as an eviction.

Dec. 9

Stolen vehicle- Deputies took a report in reference to a stolen vehicle. The vehicle has been entered into the nationwide database as stolen and the deputies are continuing the search for the vehicle. This case is currently under investigation.

Paper service- Deputies attempted to serve 18 different papers issued by the court. The papers included subpoenas, arrest warrants, and eviction notices.

Transport Detail- Deputies transported four male inmates from various jails/prisons to court and then returned them to the perspective facilities.

Investigate Complaint- Deputy Leggett took a report of a male individual harassing a female. Deputies Leggett and Campbell later contacted that male individual who made a written statement in which he detailed his encounter with the female. The report was ultimately unfounded, no further action.

Private Property Crash – Deputy Martin was dispatched to the report of a two-vehicle crash in the parking lot of Meigs High School. One vehicle was pulling into a parking spot, while a parked vehicle’s passenger opened the door and the door was struck. Both vehicles sustained minor damage, no injuries were reported.

Investigate complaint- A deputy responded to Shetland Rd in reference to a protection order violation. It was found out it was possibly a contempt of court charge and the victim was advised to contact the court or an attorney. No further action was taken.

Breaking and Entering- Sgt Patterson is investigating a breaking and entering at an office trailer across from Racine Dam. Several items were reported missing including tools and wire. Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to call Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Trespass- Sgt Patterson and Deputy Campbell responded to a residence on Wolfe Pen after dispatch received a call about a male subject there causing problems. Deputies arrived and spoke with the victim who reported the elderly male, who had already left the scene, was at the residence making threats and causing a disturbance. The elderly male had caused problems on a prior occasion and had been told to stay off their property. Charges filed for criminal trespass.

Dec. 10

Assist MPD- The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Pomeroy and Middleport Police Departments with a subject that had fled from officers to the area of Pleasant Ridge. Deputies arrived on scene and talked the male out of the residence. The subject was taken into custody without incident.

Dec. 11

Transport Detail- Deputies transported eight inmates to court/jail.

Domestic Complaint- Deputies responded to a domestic complaint on S.R. 681 near Alfred. Upon investigation a David McCormick was arrested for Domestic Violence and transported to the Meigs County Jail.

Dec. 12

Investigate Complaint- Deputies took a report of vandalism on Bowles Rd. This Case remains under investigation.

Transport- An inmate was transported from Middleport Jail to a doctor’s appointment and then back to the Middleport Jail.

Dec. 13

Transport Detail- Deputy Leggett transported one male inmate from the Monroe County Jail to the Meigs County Jail and two female inmates from the Meigs County Jail to the Middleport Jail.

Suspicious Vehicle – Deputy Martin was contacted by Meigs High School in reference to a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. Deputy Martin met with the driver who was there to pick up a student early from school.D

Dec. 14  

Domestic violence- Deputies were dispatched to Bigley Ridge Road in reference to a domestic violence incident. Deputies arrived in the area and spoke with the male and female that were allegedly involved. Both subjects concurred that no physical violence took place and no threats of violence were made. The call was cleared an no further action was taken.

Concealed carry- Deputies processed several applications for concealed carry weapon permits.

Dec. 15

Assist in possible pursuit- Deputies were on standby for an extended period of time at the Ravenswood Bridge and Pomeroy-Mason Bridge due to WV authorities being in pursuit of a vehicle. The suspect vehicle never came into Ohio. Deputies cleared the area and no action was taken.

Suspicious vehicle- Deputies responded to the area of Gibson Road near SR 681 in reference to a suspicious vehicle with two subjects inside. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the subjects who stated they were just kicked out of the residence they were staying at and were just getting some rest in their vehicle. The individuals had other places to go and were asked to leave the area at that time.

Assist ODNR- Deputies assisted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources on a call in Tuppers Plains. A firearm was seized from the suspect and several citations were issued.

Dec. 16

Paper service- Deputies attempted service of 10 papers that ranged from summons to appear to forcible detention notices.

Violation of Protection Order- Deputies responded to the Syracuse Boat Ramp in reference to shots being fired and possible violation of a protection order. Deputies arrived on the scene and took one male into custody after confirming that he violated his protection order. Deputies were assisted by the Ohio Division of Wildlife who ran K9 Mattis in the area where the gun was allegedly located. K9 Mattis located the firearm which the suspect confirmed he had placed on the Riverbank. The suspect, Truitt Bell, 49, was charged with Violation of a Protection Order and Tampering with Evidence.

Dec. 17 

Assist OSHP/MPD- Deputy Snoke assisted both the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Middleport Police Department in separate searches for different subjects. Neither subject was located.

Paper service- Deputy Snoke served two court papers and performed three house checks.

Dec. 18

Transport- Deputy Snoke transported on Meigs County inmate from the Washington County jail to the hospital for medical care.

Paper service- Deputy Snoke also served on court paper, performed two house checks, and conducted one traffic stop which resulted in a warning for a vehicle defect.

Dec. 19

TransportDeputy Snoke transported one inmate to the Monroe County Jail. Deputy Snoke also performed four house checks.

Dec. 20

Theft- Deputy Kirby handled a report of theft from Portland. Deputies have obtained a lead in this case and it is currently under investigation.

Transport- Deputies drove a total of 364 miles transporting prisoners to other jails.

Hit and Run- Deputy Snoke assisted Sergeant Jones in locating a subject for a hit and run crash in Portland. Matthew Root of Coolville was arrested.

Misuse of 911- Deputy Snoke and Sergeant Jones also responded to Syracuse for a misuse of 911 call.

Suspicious vehicle- Deputy Snoke also took a report of a suspicious vehicle in the Minersville area and a report of a crash involving one car and a deer on US 33 near State Route 681.

Dec. 21

Shop with a Cop- Deputies participated in the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office “Shop with a Cop” program. Over 70 children were bought Christmas presents at Walmart in Mason, WV. The children were also served breakfast and got to meet Santa Claus.

Recover stolen property- Deputies recovered a stolen Welder along with welding rods and a helmet that was previously taken from a business in the Portland area. 

Dec. 22

Hang-up call- The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office received a call, in reference to a 911 hang-up that came by cell phone from the rest area on SR 33. Deputies patrolled the area and was unable to make contact with anyone at the eastbound or westbound rest stops. The call was cleared, and no further action was taken.​

Not taking meds- Deputies were dispatched to State Route 124 in Reedsville in reference to a male who stated that his neighbors were outside in lawn chairs and watching him through the windows. The male further stated that the neighbors had their own cops and he wanted his own. Deputies arrived on the scene and spoke with the male and determined that he was not taking his medications correctly. The subjects case worker showed up on scene and advised they would take care of the patient.

Sex offender- Deputies registered one sex offender.

Dec. 23

Tresspassing- Deputies were dispatched to the Darst Nursing Home in reference to a male trespassing on the property. Deputies arrived on the scene and took the male into custody. The male had been previously advised by deputies that he was not to be back on the property. The male, Jason Quivey, 37, was arrested and served a warrant for criminal trespassing.

Dec. 24

Suspicious vehicle- Deputy Snoke responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a cemetery on State Route 143. All cemeteries on 143 were checked and no vehicle located. Deputy Snoke also assisted a lost motorist and performed one house check.

Dec. 25

Transport- Deputy Snoke transported an inmate to the hospital for medical treatment. 

Domestic complaint- Deputy Snoke also responded with several other deputies to a domestic complaint on Midkiff Road. The investigation at that call determined that no crime had been committed.

Dec. 26

Pursuit- Deputy Snoke assisted Racine Police with a pursuit and follow up investigation from that pursuit which ended on Tanners Run.

Domestic complaint- Deputy Snoke and Sergeant Jones responded to a domestic complaint on State Route 681 in Reedsville. Christopher Cowdrey of Reedsville was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Burglary- Deputy Snoke also responded to a report of an attempted burglary in Minersville. There are no leads at this time. 

Traffic stops- Deputy Snoke also conducted two traffic stops.

Jan. 4, 2019

Possible Burglary- Dispatch received a call that a robbery had occurred on Zuspan Hollow Rd. A deputy was dispatched and spoke with the caller who stated that he had received a call from his brother advising him that the neighbor had just ran a male off his property and he had been robbed. The caller stated that he had checked all his property, and nothing had been broken into and nothing was missing. The deputy patrolled the area to locate the suspect that had been seen on the property by the neighbor, but he was not located. No further action was taken on this call.

Jan. 5

Stolen car-Dispatch received a call reporting a truck stolen from Roy Jones Rd. Sgt. Mohler was dispatched and completed the report. The victim advised that she believed that the suspect was going to be one of her grandsons and gave a possible location where he might be found on Zuspan Hollow. Sgt. Mohler and Deputy Stacy went to Zuspan Hollow Road and spoke to several subjects that had information about the stolen truck, but the vehicle nor the suspect were located. After word got around that the deputies were looking for the truck the office received a call that it had been left at the boat ramp in Cheshire. Deputy Stacy went and confirmed the truck was there. The owner was contacted, and the vehicle was returned. Charges are pending in this case.

Jan. 6

Civil matter-Dispatch received a call from a female that her daughter had left with her boyfriend and is refusing to return home. A deputy was sent to speak with the caller and it was determined that the child in question was 18 years old. The mother was advised that there was nothing we could do because the child in question was an adult. No further action was taken on this call.

Possible domestic-Dispatch received several calls from family members of a domestic on Park Rd. Deputy Stacy responded to the location of the alleged victim. After speaking with her it was determined that there was no domestic but there had been heated arguments over the phone about picking up property and medical supplies from her ex-husband for their children. Deputy Stacy stood by in the area while she went to the home and got the property, she needed to ensure that the situation did not escalate. No further action was taken on this call.

Over dose-Dispatch received a call from EMS advising of a possible over dose on Mile Hill Rd. Deputies responded to the scene arriving at the same time as the squads. The subject was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor. He was treated with Narcan by the medics and regained consciousness. He was then transported to the ER. This incident remains under investigation and charges may be pending. 

Jan. 7

Assault-Dispatch received a call from Pomeroy PD advising that their officer was investigating an assault and it was determined that it had occurred in the county. A deputy was sent to speak with the subjects and was advised that the assault had occurred on Welchtown Hill, and the victim was at that location. Deputies went to the address on Welchtown Hill and spoke with the alleged victim. She advised that she had only been shoved by her friend’s boyfriend in an argument and she was not interested in filing any charges. No further action was taken on this call.

2018 end of year totals for the Sheriff’s Office’s house watch program were deputies had checked 87 properties for 1,508 times. We