Volunteers work to clean one of the fire trucks at the Racine Fire Department. File Photo.

RACINE, Ohio – The Racine Fire Department has released information on the number of calls they took for 2018.

According to the Racine Fire Department, they finished out 2018 with 195 calls for assistance and more than 2,000 manhours invested in those calls. In addition to manhours spent during calls, several hundred additional manhours were spent on training and work details.

This is the fourth consecutive year with call numbers in excess of 100, and only the sixth year on record with more than 100 calls. Fire-related calls have been on the decline, with a total of 20 for 2018. The department’s number-one call type continues to be motor vehicle accidents, with over 30 for the year; several of those required extrication.

The department is manned by volunteers like others in Meigs County.