Gov. Mike DeWine takes the oath of office. Submitted photo.
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Mike DeWine was officially sworn in as the Governor of Ohio this morning during a brief midnight ceremony at his farm in Cedarville.

Governor DeWine was given the oath of office by his son, Ohio Supreme Court Justice R. Patrick DeWine, while long-time friend Thomas M. Rose, Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, presided over the ceremony. Governor DeWine took the oath with his hand atop nine family Bibles, held by First Lady Fran DeWine, during the ceremony: His late daughter, Becky DeWine’s, childhood BibleHis great-grandmother Gertrude Budd’s BibleHis grandmother Ruth Perkins Liddle’s New Testament, given to her by her father, a minister, on her 18th birthday, 100 years ago His grandfather Albert Liddle’s New Testament, issued to him by the United States Navy while he has serving during World War IHis Aunt Mickey’s (Elizabeth Ann DeWine Harwood’s) Bible, given to her by her grandmotherA New Testament that the Governor and First Lady acquired many years go in JerusalemA Study Bible given to the Governor by Lloyd Ogilvie, chaplain of the United States SenateHis mother, Jean DeWine’s, BibleThe Governor and First Lady’s Bible that Fran gave to Mike on their tenth wedding anniversary.

Gov. DeWine went to work following the oath and signed several Executive Orders:
– Executive Order 2019-01D, Creating the Governor’s RecoveryOhio Initiative
– Executive Order 2019-02D, Creating the Governor’s Children’s Initiative
– Executive Order 2019-03D, Establishing Ohio as a Disability Inclusion State and Model Employer of Individuals with Disabilities
– Executive Order 2019-04D, Elevating Foster Care Priorities in Ohio
– Executive Order 2019-05D, Anti-Discrimination Policy in State Government
– Executive Order 2019-06D, Elevating Prevention within the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Jon Husted also took the oath of office as Ohio’s Lt. Governor, surrounded by family at the Riverside United Methodist Church in suburban Columbus where the family attends. His wife, Tina, held a family Bible as the oath was administered by the Honorable Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard), State Senator from Ohio’s 16th District. The group of approximately 70 people included the parents of the Lt. Governor, Jim and Judy Husted, as well as his three children, Alex, Katie, and Kylie. Justice Judy French of the Ohio Supreme Court will administer Husted’s oath during the ceremonial inauguration later today.
Lt. Governor Jon Husted takes the oath of office. Submitted photo.