Scenes from the 2018 Rutland Fourth of July parade. Photos by Madalyn Wood.

RUTLAND, Ohio – The members of the Rutland Fire Department had the annual yearly meeting with the Election of Officers.

The 2019 business officers are: President, Paul Michael; Vice President, Bruce Davis; Secretary, Shawna Davis; Treasure, Danny Davis and Paul Micheal; Training, Danny Davis, Josh Taylor, and Jason McDaniel; Uniform, Holly Davis and Dannett Davis.

The 2019 tactical officers are: Chief, Dave Davis; Assistant Chiefs, Danny Davis and Ralph Searls; Captains, Royden Hawkins and Paul Michael; Lieutenants, Brad Smith and Jason McDaniel; Safety’s, Josh Taylor and Todd Snowden; Reporter, Bruce Davis and Shawna Davis.

For the year of 2018, the Rutland Fire Department responded to a total of 154 calls including structure fires, motor vehicle crashes, brush fires, lifting assistance, water rescues, tree downs, and other calls.

The Rutland Fire Department expressed gratitude in a statement to those that volunteer and support the department, “We would like to say ‘Thank You’ too all of our volunteers and supporters who had help make the 2018 year possible. Thank you to everyone for their donations and time for the 2018 year.”