Deputy’s Notebook: Feb. 25-March 17, 2019

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of  calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those calls.

February 25, 2019

Transport – Deputies transported an inmate from the Crawford County Jail to the Meigs County Jail.

House Check – Deputies performed four house check.

Traffic Stop – Deputies conducted a traffic stop on a white Toyota SUV for an equipment violation on U.S. 33, the driver Devin Dillard of Rutland was found to be under multiple suspensions, and Dillard was issued a citation for Driving under Suspension, and his vehicle was towed from the scene. 

Traffic Stop – Deputies conducted a traffic stop on a maroon Ford explorer for an equipment violation on Bashan Rd, the driver, Daniel Panell, 32, of Durst Ridge was found to be under suspension. When Panell exited the vehicle, a pat down was conducted for Officer Safety and a glass pipe and Methamphetamines was in his possession.  Panell was arrested and charged with Possession, Driving Under Suspension and or Expired License, and being in Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments. Panell’s vehicle was also towed from the scene. 

Concealed Carry Permit- Deputies issued 16 permits.

Theft- Deputies with the assistance of the Ohio Division of Wildlife executed a search warrant at a residence on Briar Ridge Rd. 

Overdose – Deputies were dispatched to Pageville Rd in reference to a female possibly overdosing in her vehicle. Upon arrival the female and her vehicle were gone. The vehicle was located a few miles from the residence on SR 143 by Prosecutor’s Investigator Oliver. Once the vehicle was stopped it was discovered the female was not overdosing. However, it was determined the driver of the vehicle was not a licensed driver nor was the female passenger who was originally believed to be overdosing. Both subjects were picked up by a licensed driver and the male was issued a warning for driving without a license.

Well-Being Check – Deputies were dispatched to the area of Burke Road in reference to someone yelling for help. It was determined to be a female in a vehicle driving in that area yelling for her lost K9.

Transport- Deputies drove to South Carolina to pick up a prisoner that was picked up on an indictment.

February 26, 2019

Trash Dumping – Deputies investigated a trash dumping complaint on Bigley Ridge. Further investigation is pending.

Domestic – Deputies responded to Rutherford Road for a domestic complaint. Upon investigation it was determined that nothing criminal had taken place.

House Checks – Deputies performed eight house checks.

Court Papers – Deputies served six papers.

Transport – Deputies transported prisoner to Crawford County Jail. 

Fight – Deputy Martin was advised of a fight between two female students at Meigs High School that morning, charges were filed through juvenile court.

Transport- Deputies transported one male inmate from Belmont Correctional to the Meigs County Jail.

Traffic Crash – Deputies assisted Ohio State Highway Patrol with a tractor trailer rollover crash on SR 681.

Theft- Deputies took a report of theft from a residence on Boston Hollow. This case remains under investigation.

Investigate Complaint- Deputies, with assistance from the Middleport Police Department responded to a residence on Sheppard Rd. for a report of two males outside the residence making threats with a firearm. After a brief investigation this report was unfounded. However, the alleged victim in this incident needed psychological evaluation and volunteered to be transported by deputies to the Holzer Emergency Room at Pomeroy. No further action.

February 27, 2019

Transport – Deputies transported an inmate from the Meigs County Jail to the Belmont Correctional Facility. 

House Checks – Deputies performed seven house checks.

Transport – Deputies transported a male from the 124 Mart to the Holzer ER for self-admittance. 

Juvenile Disturbance – Deputies responded to the home of Brady Huffman Racine for a Disturbance call involving Juveniles. No citations were issued. 

Breaking and Entering – Deputies conducted a follow up on a 2016 Breaking and Entering case and was able to locate a firearm and a bow that were from that case. There is currently a suspect of interest and charges are pending. 

February 28, 2019

Domestic – Deputies responded to a domestic complaint on State Route 681 in Tuppers Plains. Upon further investigation it was determined that nothing criminal had taken place and it was a misunderstanding between the involved parties.

Suspicious Vehicle – Deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle complaint at the TNT gas station at the intersection of State Route 7 and Story’s Run. Upon arrival the vehicle described was not located.

Altered Mental Status – Deputies responded to a call on Mount Olive Rd in reference to Altered Mental Status. The subject was transported to Holzer ER. 

Suspicious Person – Deputies responded to Rutland at 11 p.m. in reference to an individual walking around Fox’s Pizza for an extended period of time. The individual was found behind the business. Nothing on the business was found to be tampered with. The person was advised he was using the Wifi to contact his ride. No further action was taken.  

March 4, 2019

Court Papers – Deputies served three court papers. 

Domestic – Deputies responded to a domestic issue on Leading Creek. Through investigation it was determined that no action was necessary.

Possible Suicidal Person – Deputies responded to Enterprise Road for a possible location of an allegedly suicidal person. The subject in question was no at that residence and was later located in Gallipolis.

Overdose – Deputies responded with Middleport Police to an overdose on South Third Ave. The subject was transported by Meigs EMS and Middleport Police are handling the investigation.

Alarm Call – Deputies checked a alarm call in Tupper Plains area, the building was found to be secure and the key holder verified through his security cameras. No Action taken.

Suspicious Vehicle – Deputies were contacted about vehicle from West Virginia on a dead-end road in the Portland area, parked on private property that did not belong to either occupants. One of the occupants was identified as Michael Roush, 33, was placed under arrest on a warrant from the Adult Parole Authority. 

Alarm Check – Deputies checked a residential alarm in the Portland area, the building was found to be secured. No action taken.

House Checks – Deputy Perry preformed six house checks.

March 5, 2019

Neighbor Dispute – Deputies responded to a neighbor dispute on Jacks Road. Upon investigation it was determined that no action was needed. 

Prowler – Deputies responded to a prowler call in Harrisonville. No subjects were located.

House Check – Deputies performed four house checks.

Disturbance – Deputies were dispatched a disturbance call on Jacks Rd. All parties separated for the night. No further action was taken.

Suspicious Vehicle – Deputies patrolled Vine Street Racine for a suspicious vehicle. The Vehicle that was described was not located. No action taken.

Disabled Vehicle – Deputies directed traffic on Pomeroy Pike in front of Meigs High School for a disabled vehicle blocking the roadway until it was removed by a tow truck.

March 6, 2019

Pursuit – Deputies responded to the Meigs Motel area in response to a vehicle pursuit from Pomeroy. The subject fled on foot and a search of the area discovered two different subjects, Rachel Garey and Robert Kauff, 38, both of Racine, at the Motel. Garey was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Middleport Mayors Court and Kauff was arrested on outstanding warrants from Meigs County Common Pleas Court.

House Checks – Deputies performed four house checks.

Courtesy Ride – Deputies provided a courtesy ride to three males from US33 and SR7 to Mark Porter Chevrolet while their vehicle was being towed.

March 15, 2019

Assist another department-Dispatch received a call of a possible burglary in progress on Johns Rd. in Racine. The Racine Marshal was on duty and was dispatched to the residence. When he arrived on scene, he observed a busted window on the front of the home and at least one person inside. Deputies were also dispatched to the scene as back-up. When Sgt. Mohler arrived on scene Marshal Bell had already contacted an intoxicated female in the house and had her detained.  After a short investigation it was determined that the female was a prior resident of the vacant home. The owner was contacted and came to the scene and advised that they would allow her to stay there for now and would handle it themselves. No further action was taken on this call by the officer.

Possible Domestic –Dispatch received a call from a female on New Lima Rd. near Harrisonville requesting a deputy because her husband would not allow her to leave the home. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with everyone involved. It was determined that the female was not being held in the home against her will. The male was just refusing to allow her to take their child and leave to a home that he did not want the child taken to. After some discussion the female agreed to leave with the child to a home, they both agreed on. No furtheraction was taken on this call.

March 16, 2019

Suspicious Vehicle –Dispatch received a call from the 124 Mart about a car that had pulled into their lot as they were closing with two subjects in it and they appeared to be arguing. Deputies arrived and contacted a male and a female. They had pulled into the lot and argued over a drink being spilled in the car and were now cleaning it up. They were advised to move on as the business is closed. No further action was taken on this call.

Unruly Juvenile – Dispatch received a call from a child advising his parents were being mean to him at an address on Nichols Rd. A deputy was sent and contacted the residence owner. After speaking with the child and the parents it was determined that they had disciplined the child appropriately and the child was advised to return to the home, mind his parents and to not call us again for such a matter. No further action was taken on this call.

March 17, 2019

Assault – Dispatch received a call from the 911 center advising that a female had shown up at their office advising she had been assaulted. Deputies arrived and spoke with the victim, she advised that her mother’s boyfriend had choked her while she was driving them home from a bar in town and made threats to shoot her. The deputies then went to a nearby home where they located the suspect. He was transported to the Sheriff’s Office questioned about the incident and released. Charges are pending in this incident.

Assist Another Department – Dispatch received a call of a domestic on Zuspan Hollow Rd. Deputies were dispatched and arrived on scene to discover the incident location was just inside Gallia County. The Meigs Deputies secured the scene until the Gallia Deputies arrived and the incident was turned over to them. No further action was taken on this call by Meigs Deputies.

Investigate complaint – Dispatch received a call of a possible Breaking and Entering on Dudding Lane in Racine. Deputies arrived at the home and spoke with two children. They advised that their mother caught two people in their garage and chased them up the road. Deputies heard a woman yelling at the end of the road and went and found the “Mother” rolling on the ground, fighting with a rose bush, yelling at it calling it names, making statements to the bush that indicated that she thought the rose bush was another female that she believed was having an affair with her husband. She was taken under control by the deputies. It is suspected that she was having a drug induced psychotic episode. She was transported to the Meigs ER for treatment. CPS was contacted about the children. This incident remains under investigation currently. A check of her home and property was made and it was determined that there was no evidence that a break in had occurred.